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Bitter Divorce In BG3: What Happens When You Use It?

Bitter Divorce is a magical wand in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can resurrect the recently deceased as a mindless, zombified undead.

Bitter Divorce is a wand that was first created by Auntie Ethel which will let you resurrect people and let them come back from the dead. In addition, you will have to decide whether to destroy the wand or give it to a character named Mayrina to be able to resurrect her husband.

This article explores in depth about the history of Bitter divorce and the consequences of using the wand.

The History Of Bitter Divorce

The Bitter Divorce is a quest item in Baldur’s Gate 3 that is related to the Save Mayrina quest.

It is a cursed ring that can cause you to attack your companions and make Miri and Del, the married couple who gave you the ring, fight each other to the death.

The history of this item is not very clear, but it seems to be connected to Auntie Ethel, a powerful hag who kidnapped Mayrina and her husband Conor.

BG 3 Bitter Divorce
Bitter Divorce is a rare item in Baldur’s Gate 3

1. Ethel’s Husband

The wand is named Bitter Divorce because it was originally created to be used by Ethel to resurrect her husband, who had died.

However, Ethel’s husband was a cruel, abusive man, and Ethel eventually decided that she would rather see him dead than alive.

2. Mayrina’s Husband

The wand was eventually found by Mayrina, a woman who was searching for a way to resurrect her husband, Connor.

Mayrina was willing to do anything to bring Connor back, even if it meant using a cursed want like Bitter Divorce.

The player character can find Bitter Divorce in the Overgrown Tuins, and they can choose to give to Mayrina or destroy it.

If they give it to Mayrina, she will use it to resurrect Connor.

However, he will be a mindless zombie who is completely under her control.

If they destroy the wand, Mayrina will be heartbroken, but she will eventually come to terms with Connor’s death.

Where To Find Bitter Divorce In BG3?

 You can find  Bitter Divorce can be found in the Overgrown Ruins, which is located in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

The wand is located in the Acrid Workshop, which is a small room that can be found on the first floor of the ruins.

The room is guarded by a number of enemies, including a group of Goblins.

Once you have drafted the enemies, you can find Bitter Divorce on a table in the center of the room.

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The Consequences Of Using Bitter Divorce

There are a number of consequences to using Bitter Divorce.

1. Mindless Zombie

First, the resurrected creature will be a mindless zombie who is completely under the control of the person who sued the wand.

Likewise, this means that players can use the resurrected creatures for evil purposes, such as fighting for the player’s character.

2. Negative Impact On The Player

Second, using Bitter Divorce can have a negative impact on the player character’s reputation.

If the player character is seen using the wand, they may be seen as a Necromancer or a Black Magician.

Moreover, this can make it difficult for them to gain other people’s trust.

Additionally, it can also make them targets for those who are opposed to the use of Necromancy.

3. Negative Impact On The Player Characters Soul

Third, using Bitter Divorce can have a negative impact on the player character’s soul.

The act of resurrecting the dead is considered to be a form of necromancy.

In addition, Necromancy is considered to be a dark and forbidden art.

Using Bitter Divorce can taint the player character’s soul, making them more susceptible to the influence of evil forces.

The Bottom Line

Bitter Divorce is a powerful and dangerous item in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Further, players can find the wand in the Overgrown Ruins, it is located in the Acrid Workshop.

Additionally, players can use the wand to bring back a loved one from the dead.

However, it can also have a number of negative consequences.

The player character must carefully consider the potential benefits and risks before deciding.

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