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How To Complete Faith Leap Trial In BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an Open-world roleplaying game featuring a variety of areas, quests and trials.

Among the multiple quests, the Gauntlet of Shar quest includes completing the Faith Leap trial in BG3.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players must traverse a chasm using invisible platforms to complete the Faith Leap Trial. The Faith of Leaps allows players to progress further, which leads them to amazing rewards.

Continue reading the article to discover more about Faith Leap Trial and how to complete it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Introduction To Faith Leap Trial

Faith Leap Trial is the final and most challenging part of the Gauntlet of Shar puzzles.

Gauntlet of Shar is a dungeon of dangers and trials for those looking for the blessing of Shar.

The quest is also related to the Shadowheart’s Daughters of Darkness quest. Hence, this character will be an excellent benefit to the team.

Furthermore, the players must complete the two puzzles to reach the Faith Leap trial.

The Trial occurs in a dark, massive area with ledges leading to a statue in the distance.

However, the ledges only appear when you are close to them and vanish once you step off them.

How To Complete The Faith Leap Trial.

In this trial, players are assigned to cross a chasm with an invisible platform.

Although this sounds challenging, here is the simple method to complete this trial;

  1. Please start by entering the chasm from its leftmost side.
Faith of Leap step 1
Players can start either from the left or right side.
  1. Walk carefully across the chasm until you arrive at the left statue.
  2. Stay close to the left wall and drop to an invisible platform.
  3. Then, turn right, follow the route below, and climb the middle platform with the statue.
Faith of Leap step 2
Follow the route and move forward according to the path.
  1. Go to the rightmost side of the middle platform with the statue and drop down.
  2. Turn left and move slowly toward the area using the Umbral Gem.
  3. Finally, once you have found a suitable jumping space, jump toward the platform with the Umbral Gem.
Faith of Leap last step
Players can jump to the central statue using Umbral Gem.

After completion, you will encounter a door that contains the Spear of Night weapon.

This room is optional and does not hold any gems; however, it contains a weapon that will significantly impact Shadowheart’s story.

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Rewards Of Faith Leap Trial

You will be rewarded with rare and valuable items once you complete the Trial and all other puzzles in the Gauntlet of Shar.

Here are the following items:

  1. Spear of Night Weapon: This is a powerful weapon that deals necrotic damage. You can obtain this after you defeat the Librarian.
  2. Shar’s Favor: This item grants you a bonus to your Charisma score.
  3. Umbral Gem: This gem can be used to craft powerful items. You can get this item by fighting the devil or stealing and escaping through the broken stairs.

Players will get many gems and gold coins to fill their pockets.

Furthermore, the dungeon provides many opportunities to gain experience and increase the level of your character.

The Bottom Line 

Puzzles and Trials in the game allow players to find the ester eggs and increase their gaming experience.

In the case of the Faith Leap Trial, it demands a combination of careful strategy and precise execution to complete it.

Moreover, BG3 might bring more trials and puzzles to keep players entertained as the game evolves.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing Faith Leap Trial and progressing through the Baldur’s Gate 3 story.

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