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Crew Stations Vs. Passenger Slots – Major Differences

A ship is the primary method for transportation to travel from one planet to another in Starfield.

Additionally, Crew Members who can work in a team are paramount to operating the ships.

Crew Stations and Passenger Slots are two different terms players can easily get confused about.

Crew Stations are the maximum amount of Crew Members that can work on your ship, while Passenger Slots are the maximum number of non-crew Members you can take on board.

This article explains the details of Crew Stations and Passenger Slots and their working mechanisms in Starfield.

What Is Crew Station In Starfield?

Crew Stations are the maximum number of Crew Members that can work on your ship. 

The Crew Stations also help to assign tasks to Crew Members on a ship.

Each Crew Station can have a specific role, such as piloting, engineering, or science.

The type of Crew Station you install will determine the skills and abilities of the Crew Members.

Moreover, Crew Capacity is another term that refers to the maximum number of Crew Members you can assign to your ship.

Reddit user discussion on crew capacity
Reddit user expressing their confusion on the Crew Capacity.

You can assign only five Crew Members if you have five Crew capacity and seven Crew Stations.

Additionally, you can assign only five Crew Members if you have seven Crew Capacity and five Crew Stations.

Therefore, Crew Capacity and Crew Stations must equal your desired number of Members.

Moreover, the number of Crew Stations your ship has determines the maximum number of Crew Members you can assign to it.

However, you can also increase your free Station through the Ship Command perk.

What Is Passenger Slots In Starfield?

Passenger Slots are the number of non-crew Members that can be carried on your ship.

The Passengers can be helpful for many purposes, such as providing information, trading, or simply traveling.

The number of Passenger Slots also depends on the ship’s size and class.

Crew Capacity and Passenger Slot In Starfield
Crew Capacity and Passenger Slot are both important spaces in Starfield.

The larger the ship, the more passenger slots will have.

Additionally, you can add the number of Passenger Slots on your ship by upgrading its systems.

Furthermore, there are several things Passengers can be helpful for in a ship.

  1. They can be used to trade valuable goods.
  2. Obtaining exciting information about the galaxy of Starfield.
  3. Escorting them to a specific location.
  4. These non-playable characters can also be hired as Crew Members to work on your ship.
  5. They can be assigned to a planet to explore, as the 1000 planets in Starfield are impossible to explore by yourself.
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Crew Stations Vs. Passenger Slots

Starting with a small Crew during your first travels is unproblematic.

However, as you grow in the game, you will need more and more Crew Members and the Crew Stations.

Additionally, Passenger Slots can be smaller at the beginning of the game.

However, adding more Passenger Slots as you grow to gain valuable information and trade secrets is essential.

How To Add More Crew Stations?

These crew stations will help manage the ship’s preparation and fuel requirements.

To add the number of Crew Stations, you will need to :

1. Increase Space On Your Ship

Go to the spaceport in any city and check out the Ship Services Technician.

The Ship Services Technician is a non-playable chatter who will help you with ship modules.

In addition, those ship modules can be purchased and installed on your ship.

These ship modules will expand your ship’s capacity, allowing you to bring more Crew Members on board.

2. Level Up Your Ship Command Skill

The command skill is equally important, like having more space on your ship.

The higher your skill level, the more Crew Members you can have.

Maximize your ship’s command skill, which will help you recruit up to 8 Crew Members.

Additionally, even if you have a ship space of more than eight, you can still have no more than eight Crew Members.

How To Add More Passenger Slots?

Having more Passenger Slots can also work to your advantage. The more Passenger Slots you have, the more transport missions you can take on.

You will also need to add more Passenger Slot modules similar to the Crew Station.

These are the modules that can add Passenger Slots:

  • All-in-One Berth 2×1: 2 Slots
  • All-in-One Berth 3×1: 2 Slots
  • Living Quarters 2×1: 2 Slots
  • Living Quarters 2×2: 3 Slots
  • Living Quarters 3×1: 2 Slots
  • Mess Hall 2×3: 3 Slots
  • Mess Hall 3×2: 3 Slots

These modules are present that add Passenger Slots in the game until now.

Also, note that the ships in Starfield can only display their maximum Crew size.

Therefore, to know about the Passenger Slots in the game, you must manually count them based on the modules added.

The Bottom Line

A ship is the most essential part of the game in Starfield.

Terminologies like Crew Stations, Crew Capacity, Passenger Slots, and many more can confuse a player.

Crew Stations determine the maximum number of Members working on the ship, while Crew capacity is the maximum number of Crew you can assign.

You should carefully assign the number of Crew Stations and Passenger Slots, so choose wisely.

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