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How To Find Sister Lidwin In BG3?

Sister Lidwin is one of the in-game’s NPCs in BG3.

Further, she appears in ACT 2 of Komira Quest at Druid Grove

Players can Find Sister Lidwin in BG3 at the Healing House at Druid Grove. Players should play an in-game event called Find Arabella’s Parents to locate the nurse in the Children’s Ward. 

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Who Is Sister Lidwin?

Sister Lidwin is an undead nurse and one of the game’s important NPC.

NCP is the in-game character who assists players with future events on Player’s behaviors with them.

Further, Players can first locate Sister Lidwin at the Hollow in Druid Grove.

In the House of Healing hospital bed, Sister Lidwin is found beside Komira and her partner, Locke.

Unfortunately, the Undead Sisters beat the couple, but the truth does not convince Sister Lidwin. 

In the walkthrough, Sister Lidwin thinks the couple is still alive, as Locke reveals the cause of their death.

Moreover, he suggests Sister Lidwin, the Zevior, is the imposter who betrayed the Infernals after players use a Spell

Furthermore, he says the Leader of Tiefiling’s Refuge hid under his shelter after assisting in beheading the couple. 

In the Sister Lidwin event, players must interact with Arabella, the child of Komika and Locke.

Arabella appears anxious due to their parents’ loss, so players have to play Find Arabella’s Parents Quest. 

Lastly, this event appears in Chapter One of the First Act at the Dark Urge location. 

How To Find Sister Lidwin?

If Players are willing to find Sister Lidwin at Druid Grove, ensure to follow the procedure ;

  1. Interact with Arabella at The Dark Urge and head to the House of Healing. 
House of Healing
Entering House of Healing at the Druid Grove.
  1.  Enter the Children’s Ward at the right side of the Stairs in the Healing House
bg3 sister lidwin
Entering the room of the House of Healing.
  1. Meet Sister Lidwin right beside the dead body of Komika and Locke
bg3 sister lidwin
Approaching Sister Lidwin in the Hospital Bed of House of Healing.

After interacting with Sister Lidwin, she seems to treat the dead body of Komika and Locke.

Furthermore, players can use Speak with the Dead spell to converse with Arabella’s Father. 

In addition, Locke confronts all the dark secrets and suspicious beatings by the imposter.

As Sister Lidwin’s event relates to Save Arabella Quest, players must inform her about her parent’s death. 

Moreover, Arabella is seen in the Player’s camp waiting for the response from her parents.

Further, Players can meet Arabella again when Players engage in Save Arabella Quest.

Lastly, Players must rescue Arabella, who Druids lock up after stealing their Idol. 

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The Bottom Line

To Find Sister Lidwin in Baldur’s Gate 3, players must play Find Arabella’s Parents quest.

Furthermore, the nurse is seen in the Children’s Ward at the House of Healing in Druid Grove.

In addition, Sister Lidwin appears to confront the corpses of Arabella’s Parents, Komira and Locke.

Ensure to learn to reach Temple of Selune and Suspicious Sounds in BG3. 
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