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How To Reach Temple Of Selune In BG3?

The Temple of Selune is one of the secret sacred locations in BG3.

Moreover, Players can extract the Area in the Goblin Camp. 

To reach the Temple of Selune In BG3, Players must complete an event in Goblin’s Camp. Players can do so by completing the Puzzle in the Defiled Temple, the Sage event and entering the Selunite Outpost.  

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What Is The Temple Of Selune?

The Temple of Selune is one of the Rare religious sites in BG3.

Moreover, the followers of the Goddess of the Moon inhabit the Sacred place.

Further, the Temple of Selune is located in the Goblin Camp and the Underdark

In Contrast, Goblins overtake the Temple of Selune, who are the followers of the Absolute. 

The mysterious creatures have a rivalry with Druids and Tieflings

Further, to Enter the Temple of Selune, Players must complete multiple events or solve a puzzle.

If Players are trying to enter through the Goblin’s Camp, players need to locate the locked Quarte of the True Soul Gut.

Then. Players must find the key to unlock the passage of the Temple of Selune from Gut Pristest.

In addition, the Gut is the Pristest of the Absolute Goblin group.

The Players can beat her to open a getaway to the Sacred Hub or secretly steal the key from her room.

On the other hand, for players who want to explore the location through Underdark, players must find a secret Passage.

Moreover, Players can opt to reach there via the Druid Grove or Blighted Village and reach the Lake and the Selunite Outpost.

How To Reach The Temple Of Selune In BG3?

To Locate the Temple of Selune and complete the events, follow the given procedure;

  1. Head to the Shattered Sanctum at Goblin Camp, West of Druid Grove.
Entering the Shattered Sanctum at the Goblins Camp in the Druids Grove.
  1. Defeat the Princess Gut and Grab a key to unlock the Wooden Door.
Shattered Sanctum
Unlocking the Wooden Door at the Shattered Sanctum.
  1. Enter the Defiled Temple and follow the path to the Puzzle area.
temple of selune bg3
Heading to the Puzzle Area in the Defiled Temple.
  1. Ensure the Plate with light contain black circles to progress through Sage Event.
Sage Unfold
Solving the puzzle to complete the Sage unfold event.
  1. Follow the Black Passage to reach the Selunite Outpost to find the Temple of Selune.
temple of selune bg3
Entering the Selunite Outpost through the dark passage.

Further, After players can reach the Selunite Outpost, players can find a passage to Underdark as well. 

However, Players need to complete Acolyute: Shatter of Moon event first.

After that, players should follow the steps downwards and Pull the lever to open the Underdark Getaway. 

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The Bottom Line

The Temple of Selune is one of the Religious locations in Goblins Camp.

Players can reach there by Solving puzzles in the defiled temple, completing Sage Event and unlocking a secret passage.

Hopefully, Players can reach Selune Temple fast to earn exclusive temples and complete future events.

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