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How To Reach To Suspicious Sounds In BG3?

Many Players are hearing Suspicious Sounds in BG3, and they are unsure if it is a bug or an in-game feature.

Moreover, the Suspicious Sounds appear in Act 2 of the season after defeating Thorm.

Players can reach the Suspicious Sounds object at the Moonrise Tower. Players must unlock the Wooden Door, enter the Suspicious Zone location, follow the Iron Ladder and interact with the object at the Prison. 

Continue Reading further to discover if the Suspicious Sounds are in-game glitches or if it is a feature in some location.

What Are Suspicious Sounds In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Suspicious Sounds are in-game events players encounter in the Act 2 season.

Further, Players can hear the Sounds at Moonrise Tower after defeating Thorn.

The Moonrise Tower is one of the various locations players can explore to complete Quests and events.

In Contrast, even after beating the boss, some players are unable to extract the location.

If players spot the Suspicious Sounds icon on their map, they should follow the area.

Further, avoid the wooden door and follow the Iron ladder path to reach the objective earlier.

Moreover, the event will grant players to investigate the pit location before the second battle. 

How To Reach The Moonrise Tower?

There are two routes players can reach the Moonrise Towers in BG3, the Overland Route and Underdark.

However, both paths have various events, characters and bosses players can encounter.

If players go via the Underdark, they can explore multiple activities, leading to the accomplishment of Last Light In.

Furthermore, if players try to reach Moonrise Tower faster, follow the Overland Route.  

Moreover, Players using the Underdark route either solve the Shattered Sanctum or follow Ethel Hag’s Portal.

Furthermore, for players following the Overland Route, ensure to obtain Spider’s lute.

Lastly, the item can be extracted by interacting with Priestess Minthara of the Absolute. 

How To Reach Suspicious Sounds?

If players are willing to arrive at the Suspicious Sounds location, please follow the step-by-step process,

  1. Visit the Moonrise Tower Prison’s Main Floor. 
Moonrise Tower
Entering the Main Floor in the Moonrise Tower.
  1. Head to the Suspicious Sounds zones inside the wooden door.
Moonrise Towers Prison
Entering the suspicious sounds zone.
  1. Climb the Iron Ladder, use the Scaffolding and go towards the Suspicious Sounds Object.
bg3 suspicious sounds
Reaching the Suspicious Sounds objects.
  1. Interacting with the Suspicious Sounds Object known as Absolute Voice
bg3 suspicious sounds
Approaching the Suspicious Sounds object.

Furthermore, Players have four choices after going into the next dimension with the Absolute.

Players can either help it, search for dexterity, attack using the Melee, Build wisdom or use their strength.

The Outlander quest will be completed if Players select any of those possibilities.  

Ensure to learn about Dream Guardian in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Bottom Line

The Suspicious Sounds is found in the Moonrise Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Players must locate the Suspicious Sounds zone, follow the iron tower and reach toward the Suspicious Sounds object.

Lastly, upon reaching there, Players can opt to determine the object, leave it or try to reach it to continue the event. 

Continue Reading to find Lux Splenda and Melting Furnace in Baldur’s Gate 3. 
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