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Stop The Presses Quest In BG3: Is It Bugged?

In Baldur Gate 3, Stop The Presses is the side quest in which players will perform different tasks to maintain their reputation.

Hence, many users around the globe are facing problems as the Stop The Presses quest is bugged.

BG3 Stop The Presses quest is not working as intended and players are unable to change unflattering articles about them which is causing a negative impact on their reputation.

Continue reading to find out if Stop The Presses side quest is bugged and its fixes in Baldur Gate 3.

An Overview Of BG3 Stop The Presses

BG3, Stop The Presses is a side quest in which players will explore the world, and talk to the editor of the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette. 

The main motive of this quest is to stop a fallacious article from being printed, destroying a player’s reputation.

Talk with Estra Stir in BG3
You must talk with Estra Stir to unlock this quest.

Players need to control the local media to save their reputation and make themselves look good.

Moreover, players need to talk to the editor of the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette in this quest.

You must stop Baldur’s Mouth Gazette from printing character assassination articles.

Hence, this side quest in BG3 activates when Estra Stir on the Lower City.

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 Is BG3 Stop The Presses Quest Bugged?

Some players mention that the BG3 Stop The Presses quest is bugged and are frustrated as they spent a lot of time completing it.

After completing the quest in BG3, players are not being able to swap the headlines.

Issue on BG3 Stop The Presses quest
Players reporting about the issue on the BG3 Stop The Presses quest.

Furthermore, they also mention that things that look fine after changing the line of the paper are causing problems to them the next day.

Players are talking with the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette and swapping out the article for something more positive, but they are still not able to get positive feedback.

Moreover, players couldn’t get to change out the false headlines they were printing about them.

Thus, this issue can hinder players from getting the possible discount from traders.

Possible Solutions For BG3 Stop The Presses Issue

Players are reporting this issue in online forums and community discussions and trying to solve it.

Hence, here are some of the troubleshooting steps taken from the various online forums to resolve this issue.

1. Do Not Long Rest After Receiving The Side Quest

This is a time-sensitive quest so, if you take a Long Rest after you get the quest, you will automatically fail it and cannot do it again.

So, to set a good reputation you need to complete it before a long rest.

2. Avoid Speaking To The Editor 

A conversation with the editor is likely to break the state of the quest.

Players should avoid speaking to the editor of the paper until the story has been run after a long rest.

Hence, speaking with the editor will result in a negative article.

The Bottom Line

The Stop The Presses quest in BG3 is indeed bugged, but not impossible to complete.

By following the steps outlined above, you can avoid the bug and get a positive outcome for your reputation.

Furthermore, if the issue still persists players must report it to the developers so they can look into them.

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