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Under A Storm In Skull And Bones: Voyage Of Victory

The “Under A Storm” in Skull and Bones contract engages players in a thrilling journey through the realms of piracy and naval warfare.

Players must employ strategic thinking and combat skills to complete the mission successfully.

Overall, the contract provides an immersive experience in the Golden Age of Piracy, testing players’ courage.

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Under A Storm In Skull And Bones

The “Under A Storm” is a contract where players must eliminate the DMC scavenger to get the location of the Chinese weapon.

At its core, the contract gestures players to confront the notorious DMC Scavenger.

DMC is a formidable adversary stalking the stormy waters of the Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile, players must engage in ship-to-ship combat or employ stealth tactics to vanquish this evasive attacker.

engages players in thrilling journey
The “Under A Storm” contract engages players in a thrilling journey.

Central to the contract’s objectives is the rescue of mysterious “Termites” from the secretive confines of Kelelawar Chamber.

Significantly, the conclusion of the contract unfolds in a raid upon Kampung Subur Stage 3.

Kampung Subur Stage 3 is a secure settlement overflowing with untold fortunes and guarded by attentive defenders.

Therefore, upon completing the contract’s objectives, players are called to report their success to Rahma.

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How To Complete Under A Storm In Skull And Bones?

By following these steps you can navigate through the challenges of the Under A Storm contract:

1. Locate And Eliminate The DMC Scavenger

Firstly, sail your ship to the specified area on the map where the DMC Scavenger roams.

Eventually, you need to engage in combat with the DMC Scavenger’s ship to defeat them.

You need to employ your ship’s weapons, agility, and crew skills to gain an advantage.

Alternatively, utilize stealth tactics to quietly approach and eliminate the DMC Scavenger.

2. Retrieve The Termites

All in all, navigate your vessel to the Kelelawar Chamber, a location marked on your map.

Then, you need to search the area for a Delivery Crate holding the Termites.

Approach the crate cautiously, as there may be hazards or enemies guarding it.

In particular, interact with the crate to retrieve the Termites, essential items for the contract.

assess the settlement's defenses
You need to assess the settlement’s defenses and layout to prepare for a raid.

3. Equip The Termites On Your Ship

Likewise, access the ship customization menu or designated slots for equipment.

Without delay, choose the Termites from your inventory and equip them onto your ship.

Also, remember to follow any prompts or instructions provided in the game to ensure proper installation.

Hence, take note of any enhancements or alterations made to your ship’s capabilities with the addition of the Termites.

4. Plunder Kampung Subur Stage 3

Then again, set sail for Kampung Subur, a settlement labeled as Stage 3 on your map.

You need to assess the settlement’s defenses and layout to prepare for a raid.

Also, engage in combat with any defending forces and seize valuable resources or loot.

Additionally, adapt your tactics as needed to overcome challenges posed by the settlement’s defenders.

Fulfill the plundering objectives outlined for Kampung Subur Stage 3 to progress in the contract.

5. Report Your Success To Rahma

Finally, return to Rahma, the contract giver, to inform her of your accomplishments.

Then, interact with Rahma or the designated non-playable character to initiate the dialogue.

Provide any necessary proof or evidence of your success, such as recovered items or a verbal account of your exploits.

Therefore, await Rahma’s acknowledgment and receive your rewards or recognition for completing the “Under A Storm” contract.

receive your rewards
Receive your rewards for completing the “Under A Storm” contract from Rahma.
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