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What To Do Before Meeting Nightsong In BG3?

Nightsong is a mysterious non-playable character of BG3.

There is a point of no return during the Nightsong quest of Act 2.

So, there are certain things you must complete before meeting Nightsong in Act 2.

There are certain activities to complete before meeting Nightsong in BG3. You must complete these activities before entering Shadowfell to meet Nightsong as you cannot return back.

This article dives deeper into the details of the activities to complete before meeting Nightsong.

Who Is Nightsong In BG3?

Nightsong is a non-playable character (NPC), a mysterious character early on in the game in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Many players confuse Nightsong as a place or an object, however, she is a person.

Furthermore, you can encounter her in Acts 1, 2 and 3.

On top of that, her true identity is revealed further in the game.

Her actual name is Dame Aylin, and she is a female Aasimar in the game.

Additionally, she is immortal and the daughter of the goddess, Selûne.

You can encounter her in the quests:

  • Defeat Kethric Thorm
  • Find Ketheric Thirm’s Relic
  • Find The Nightsong
  • The Chosen of Shar

In addition, she has been held as a prisoner in Shadowfell for the past 100 years.

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Activities To Complete Before Nightsong

There are certain activities players must complete before entering Shadowfell.

Shadowfell is a point of no return, so completing as many missions as possible is quite important.

nightsong prison bg3
Nightsong is imprisoned in the Shadowfell area.

In addition, completing as many missions as possible can help players understand a vast area of the game.

Some of the missions of the Shadowfell area are clearly stated.

However, some missions and side quests are completely hidden.

Therefore, here are some of the activities and side quests you must complete before meeting Nightsong.

1. Free Moonlantern Pixie

Firstly obtain the Moonlantern in the Last Light Inn.

Even though Pixies have a reputation for being mischievous, release the Pixie from the Moonlantern.

After releasing the Pixie, they will give their blessing to the payer.

In addition, you can run around the lands of Shadow-Cursed Lands.

2. Defeat The Thorm Family

The Thorm Family has three members Gerringothe, Malus, and Thisobald.

Additionally, defeating these family members is an optional side quest.

However, interacting with these bosses will help you understand more about the Shadow Curse.

In addition, you can also gain great pieces of loot while defeating them.

3. Complete The He Who Was Side Quest

Thisobald Thorm has an important ledger for the He Who Was quest.

In addition, the He Who Was quest is a short and easy side quest.

he who was quest bg3
He Who Was is a mysterious elf who was completing the afterlife punishment.

Furthermore, the ledger is with an elf named He Who Was.

Players can get the exclusive item as a reward on the basis of how they complete the quest.

4. Interact With Karlach

Karlach is another NPC who players can choose as a romanceable character.

Also, you must take the Infernal Iron and give it to Karlach.

Giving the Iron lets Karlach cool down, letting him touch others again.

In addition, being able to touch others is one of Karlach’s deepest desires.

5. Finding Arabella’s Parents

Arabella is a young Teifling who is searching for her parents in the Reithwhom Town area.

This is a small quest that can help players understand the story.

So, you should complete the quest of finding Arabella’s parents before entering Shadowfell.

6. Explore Moonrise Towers

Moonrise Towers has many interesting vendors and secrets to uncover.

So, players should explore the area to gain more information.

In addition, the only place players should avoid is the central room with Ketheric Thorm in Moonrise Towers.

7. Save The Tieflings

Many Tieflings have been killed in the Shadow Cursed Lands in BG3.

Therefore, saving the surviving Teiflings is one activity to complete before meeting Nightsong.

Additionally, the Tieflings are present in the prison of Moonrise Towers.

Furthermore, saving these Tieflings can be tricky but is worth the job.

8. Choice For Yurgir

The last activity to complete before entering Shadowfell is deciding on killing or saving Yurgir.

Yurgir is an Orthon who is imprisoned in SHar’s Gauntlet.

In addition, Rafael will ask you to decide on what to do with Yurgir.

Furthermore, it is recommended to kill Yurgir to improve your relationship with Rafael.

The Bottom Line

Nightsong is a non-playable character of Baldur’s Gate 3.

She is a mysterious and significant character you can encounter through various acts in the game.

In addition, there are some activities that you should complete before entering Shadowfell to meet her.

So, complete these activities as there is no return after entering Shadowfell.

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