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Unusual Skull Riddles In Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Solve It?

In BG3, you must speak to Unusual Skull and solve its Riddles to leave Wyrm’s Rock Prison jail cell.

However, some players have struggled to understand how to solve this Riddle.

To solve Unusual Skull Riddles in BG3, answer two of Marvin’s Riddles correctly. The answer to the first Riddle is a Shadow, and the second is an Anvil.

Here, we will discuss the Unusual Skull and how to reach and solve the Unusual Skull Riddles in BG3.

Introduction To Unusual Skull

Unusual Skull in BG3, also known as Marvin is a taking skull, not more and not less.

You will encounter an Unusual Skull in BG3 inside the Wyrm’s Rock Prison.

Unusual Skull
Unusual Skull In BG3 helps you to escape the Wyvern Rock Prison.

However, you can only interact with him if you are arrested by falling into the hands of the local authority.

Nevertheless, it’ll give you several options along with asking Riddles.

Furthermore, there is also another option which provides you with more information about him.

If you select the second option, he will tell you once he occupies this prison and he possesses the spirit of Gleeker and the art of wizard.

Selecting another option with Persuasion will provide you + 67 Favourable Begining and +6 Persuasion Proficiency.

Another option will give you -1 Intelligence,+6 Arcana Proficiency, and 1d4 Guidances.

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How To Solve Unusual Skull Riddles?

As you select Ask the Riddles, Marvin will start the Riddles.

As you answer them correctly, the Skull will teleport you to safety.

However, an incorrect answer will teleport you near the guards.

Here are the two Riddles the unusual Skull will ask you and its answers;

1. Riddle: A shadow

The first Riddle of Unusual Skull goes like this:

I fly, but not through the sky; I say goodbye at night and hellow in the morning. I am part of you and follow wherever you go. I wear only black and Skull from the light. Yet, without it, I couldn’t exist. Who am I?

Once this Skullce ends, you must select the answer A shadow from the given option.

After this, the first Riddle is finished, and Skull asks you for a second Riddle.

A shadow in bg3
You have to select A shadow to answer the first Riddle correctly.

2. Riddle: An Anvil

The Second Riddle of the Skull is:

I am beaten and battered but never break. My crown has felt the strike of endless blades, yet I can never move. I never sweat, even when the summertides sun shines upon me. Who am I?

Once he finishes talking, you can select An Anvil, the answer to the second Riddle.

This will mark the end of the unusual Skull Riddle.

Also, these will teleport outside the jail cell.

An anvil
You must select An anvil to answer the second Riddle correctly.

How To Leave Wyrm’s Rock Prison After Solving Riddles?

Once the player escapes the jail cell, it’s up to the players to escape the Wyrm’Rock Prison.

Here are the steps you can follow to leave the Wyrm’s Rock Prison:

  1. Firstly, find the storage room at the coordinates X: 78, Y: -731.
  2. Furthermore, you must first defeat guards to reach and unlock the storage room.
  3. Then, you can go to a cracked wall above the wooden platform.
  4. Once you reach the cracked wall, you must knock it down using a hammer, club, or mace.
  5. Finally, you are free and can use fast travel to escape from there quickly.

You can explore another jail cell to find Counsellor Florrick in prison and help him escape the prison.

 The Bottom Line

Players will encounter the Unusual Skull at Wyrm’s Rock Prison.

As you interact with him, he will ask you two Riddles and answering them will teleport you outside the cell.

To simplify the process the answer to the Riddle are A shadow and An Anvil.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful for you to solve the Unusual Skull Riddles in BG3.

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