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Why Is Duke Ravengard Dead In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Duke Ravengard is an NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3, a leader of the Flaming Fist, a mercenary group.

He is one of the four Grand Dukes and a potential ally for the player.

There are several reasons why Duke Ravengard might be dead in BG3. One of the reasons is he is abducted, and he will die if players fail to save him.

This article discusses Duke Ravengard, why he died, and whether players can save him.

Who Is Duke Ravengard?

Duke Ravengard is a prominent character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

He is the leader of the Flaming Fist, a mercenary group that serves as the city’s law enforcement.

Duke Ravengard is the father of Wyll, one of the playable companions in the game.

Wyll forged a deal with a succubus named Mizora to protect his father from a Mind Flayer invasion.

Mizora, however, has other objectives and intends to utilize Wyll and his father in her plots.

A parasitic monster called an illithid tadpole, which has the power to transform humans into Mind Flayers, has afflicted Duke Ravengard.

A Goblin Warlord named Gortash kidnaps him to use him as a puppet to govern Baldur’s Gate.

The player can attempt to free him from the Iron Throne, an underwater prison.

However, they will encounter several threats and difficulties on the way.

Duke Ravengard’s fate is one of the many branching outcomes in Baldur’s Gate 3.

His death or survival might have a tremendous impact on the plot, the people, and the setting.

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Why Is Duke Ravengard Dead In BG3?

There are various circumstances and reasons for the death of Duke Ravengard.

Also, players might have failed to save him on a mission.

The player will see Mizora, a succubus and Wyll’s patron, use her power to assassinate Duke Ravengard if they attend Gortash’s Proclamation at Wyrm’s Fortress.

If the player accepts to give her Wyll’s soul, she will offer to revive him from the dead.

Therefore, the players’ decision to accept or reject her offer will impact Wyll’s connection with the player.

Duke Ravengard is being held hostage in the Iron Throne prison by Gortash, a goblin warlord.

duke ravengard dead
Gortash kidnapped Duke Ravengard and put him in prison.

Moreover, players can free him if they choose not to travel to Gortash’s Proclamation.

However, given that Gortash would set off bombs across the jail if he senses the player’s presence, this is a risky and time-sensitive quest.

Also, players must reach Duke Ravengard’s cell before he burns or drowns and free him.

In the jail, players may run into Mizora, who may either aid or hinder them depending on how they have dealt with her.

However, if the player fails to save Duke Ravengard in either scenario, he will die, and Mizorial will take his body.

Consequences Of Duke Ravengard’s Death

The consequences of Duke Ravengard’s death are manifold and far-reaching.

Moreover, it affects players, their allies, and the city of Baldur’s Gate.

Here are some of the possible consequences:

  • The Flaming Fist loses their leader and morale. The other factions in Baldur’s Gate oppose them.
  • The city becomes more chaotic, and players will have fewer allies and resources.
  • Moreover, Wyll loses his father and patron and feels guilty and angry.
  • His quest and relationship with the player change.
  • Mizora gains more power and influence and uses Ravengard’s body to manipulate the player and Wyll.
  • Also, she might reveal her plan to create chaos and gain souls for Zariel.
  • The mind flayer threat becomes more imminent.
  • The tadpole in Ravengard’s brain hatches, turns him into a mind flayer and joins the mind flayer colony that invades Baldur’s Gate and other cities.
  • Further, players might face him as an enemy in a future confrontation.

The Bottom Line

Duke Ravengard, a leader of Baldur’s Gate and the Flaming Fist, dies in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Depending on the player’s actions, he dies because of a succubus, a goblin, or a mind flayer.

Moreover, his death affects the city, his son Wyll, and the player differently. 

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