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How To Complete The Step 9 Of The Bladed Path Quest?

The Bladed Path is a weekly quest of Destiny 2, Season of the Witch.

The second-week version of the quest from Destiny 2 contains a total of 51 steps.

However, fans are particularly interested in the 9th step, which is exciting and confusing.

Step 9 of the Bladed Path requires you to collect five of the hidden hive runes in the Metamorphosis location of the Lost Sector. The hive runes are well hidden and must be shot at with either a normal or a solar weapon to activate it.

This article describes the Bladed Path quest and the steps to finish the step 9 of the quest.

What Is The Bladed Path In Destiny 2?

The Bladed Path quest is a seasonal challenge that requires players to complete a series of challenges in Destiny 2.

Furthermore, there are a total of 51 steps to the Bladed Path quest of week 2.

The rewards for completing the quest include experience points, seasonal currency and powerful weapons and gear.

The Bladed Path quest has four main parts:

  1. Complete the Mission: Invoke quest.
  2. Visit the holoprojector in the H.E.L.M.
  3. Visit the radio in the H.E.L.M.
  4. Continue building your powers and unraveling the secrets of the hive.

In addition, you must make sure that you follow the 51 steps of the Bladed Path before the Season of the Witch ends.

What Is The 9th Step of The Bladed Path?

In the 9th Step of the Bladed Path, you must visit the Metamorphosis Lost Sector in Savathun’s Throne.

Furthermore, the quest should be complete for Solar Attunement.

Solar Attunement helps you to deal more damage when using solar weapons.

In the 9th step, you must find 5 Hive Runes to complete your mission.

All those five runes must be either hit by a weapon or solar damage for it to glow orange to activate them.

Moreover, if you are looking for Solar Attunement, ensure you hit the runes with solar damage.

How To Complete The 9th Step of The Bladed Path?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to completing the ninth step of Bladed Path:

  1. Go to the location of Metamorphosis Lost Sector.
Metamorphis Location 9th Step Bladed Path
The Location of Metamorphis on the map.
  1. Continue inside the cave next to the campaign called the Alatr of Reflection: Choice.
Metamorphis Cave 9th Step Bladed Path
Metamorphosis is in the lost sector of Savathun’s Throneworld.
  1. Kill all the invaders or enemies in the cave, as they can prevent you from finding all the runes. As you enter the cave, the first hive rune will be behind a rock.
First Step hive rune
The first hive rune is right behind the rock as you enter the cave.
  1. The second rune will be on the top of a rock, easily visible to you.
Second Step hive
You can easily find the second hive in the game.
  1. The third rune will be behind a wall and quite hidden.
Third hive rune
Behind a wall and hidden, you can find the third hive rune.
  1. Next, the fourth rune will be next to one crystal of the Revenant Knight.
Fourth Step hive
Near the crystal is the fourth hive rune.
  1. Finally, the fifth rune will be on the right wall of the fourth.
Fifth hive rune
The fifth hive rune is on the right wall.
  1. Additionally, after finding all the hive runes, defeat the Revenant Knight wearing a protective shield at the end of the cave.
  2. However, you must first destroy the three crystals near him to destroy his protective shield.
Metamorphis Crystal 9th Step Bladed Path
The crystals should be fired at before finishing the last enemy.
  1. Then, you can easily take on the enemy and kill him.
  2. Furthermore, after you kill him, the gate will open up but do not exit the room.
Final 9th Step Bladed Path
The completion of the 9th step of the Bladed Path.

If you shoot at all five hive runes with a solar weapon, there will be an intractable ritual at the exit gate.

Furthermore, if you interact with the ritual, the Solar Attunement process will come to an end, and you will successfully complete the step.

Players Confusion Over The 9th Step

Players use discussion platforms such as Reddit to explain the bug in the ninth step of the Bladed Path quest.

Some are simply stuck on the mission because they did not find all the five hive runes.

While others are reporting a bug regarding the glow of the hive runes.

Players have encountered that shooting at the hive runes does not make them glow when they should have.

Others have reported that despite glowing hive runes, the quest’s progress has not been recorded.

In addition, some layers have solved this issue by using the correct weapon for their mission.

While some are still facing the issue due to some error in the game.

If you’re still facing the issue in the game, try reaching out to the team of Destiny 2 or use discussion platforms like Reddit and Steam.

The Bottom Line

The Bladed Path is a weekly quest that includes many activities and challenges.

The 9th step of the Bladed Path requires you to collect five hidden hive runes in the Lost Sector.

Players are facing an issue on the ninth step due to a bug of the activation of hive runes not completing the quest.

The team of Destiny 2 has not announced anything about the bug but let’s hope they solve it soon.

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