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How To Unlock Corrupted Harbor In Remnant 2?

Corrupted Harbor is one of the map locations in Remnant 2 where you can get precious items.

However, players are searching for Corrupted Harbor all over the map but still cannot track it down.

Remnant 2 Corrupted Harbor is an exclusive part of Root Earth Biome, located in Port City. Players can unlock secrets and rewards inside the location by defeating a mini-boss called The Bane.

Continue exploring to find out the exact locations of Corrupted Habor to get rewards in Remnant 2. 

Where Is Corrupted Harbor?

Corrupted Harbor is one of the locations in Redmant 2, one of the parts of the Root Earth Biome.

The Corrupted Harbor is a tragic and deviant side of Port City.

In Port City, a horrendous Root has ruled and destroyed everything possible in the location.

What Is Inside Corrupted Harbor?

As Corrupted Harbor is one of the darkest places in Remnant 2, users can find horrendous creatures inside.

Moreover, there are a few threatening bosses, including a huge-spider-like enemy called The Bane.

The Bane will threaten the player’s character by throwing many spiders and spitting poisons.

Furthermore, players can find a few secrets and get rewarded if they opt to explore the Dark themed location. 

Rewards In Corrupted Harbor

Players wishing to walk through and explore the Corrupted Harbor location will be rewarded with various items. 

The items can then help the player’s character to enhance their ability and skills. 

In Corrupted Harbor, users can search for an exclusive item called Wooden Shiv upon beheading the mini-boss Bane.

The tool is essential to unlock the Invader Archetype

Invader Archetype is one of the secret classes in Remnant 2, which helps in blinding the enemy’s focus target.

But, before unlocking Wooden Shiv, players must locate Dreamcatcher Melee Weapon

The Weapon can be found in Dreamer’s Garden location. 

Players will need to use the Melee on a stone with a bluish mist.

After that, they will get Walker’s Dream which will boost your inventory level in defeating the Bane. 

How To Unlock Corrupted Harbor in Remnant 2? 

To Unlock Corrupted, players need to go through a list of processes.

Follow the steps to get rewards by completing the Corrupted Harbor story, 

  1. Enter the Corrupted Harbor in The Port.
Corrupted Harbor
Head towards Corrupted Harbor in the Port.
  1. Walkthrough until you find a Checkpoint
Checkpoint in Remnant 2
Walkthrough until you get to a Checkpoint.
  1. Fight some Root enemies and head towards a stone with a Blue mist.
Blue stone Remnant 2
Go to Blue Mist Stone after defeating Root enemies and Elites.
  1. Use your Dream Catcher Weapon and Dismantle the enemy. Then, you will get Walker’s Dream.
Remnant 2 corrupted harbor
Equip the Walker’s Dream reward.
  1. Equip the Reward, teleport to a different location, and defeat Bane to unlock Wooden Shiv.
Remnant 2 Corrupted Harbor
Collect the Wooden Carve after defeating Bane.

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 Corrupted Harbor is a menacing location in Port City, part of Root Earth Biome.

Players can know the dark secrets and earn exclusive rewards by defeating the Corrupted Harbor’s Bane boss. 

Furthermore, before beginning the combat increase your inventory level and skill for a better chance to earn the Wooden Shiv. 

Good luck in defeating the mini-boss and earning extraordinary abilities!

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