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Secrets Of Altars Of Summoning In Destiny 2 Rewards

With the release of season 22, Destiny 2 has introduced the Altar of Summoning, one of the new activities.

This activity occurs in Savathun’s realm and involves different types of puzzles, tasks and many inevitable redos.

Secrets Of Altars of Summoning is the secret that helps players to use the various buffs provided by the game, like Offering, Opaque cards, or Lucent buff, to fill the progression and earn great loots.

This article will discuss the Altars of Summoning and how players can obtain the secret.

Understing Altars Of Summoning In Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, the Alter of summoning is the three men’s seasonal activities.

The three men must kill a wave of enemies while doing a specific task, like breaking the Hive Crystal, defeating Rune Bringer Wizards, or defeating three bosses. 

Altars of Summoning
Altars of Summoning is an activity that requires three players to defeat many monsters.

The main objective of this activity is to start a Hive ritual and navigate to one of the branches out of three.

Furthermore, the activity is lengthier and stresses builcrafting, coordination, and skill.

However, players must complete the “Mission: Invoke” questline to get this activity.

The crucial part of this activity is the Deck of Whisper and Offering, which can change the state of battle.

The best part of this activity is you do not have to leave; it has that 20-second cooldown.

After that, you can return to the hive with the ruins and initiate the encounter.

Secrets To Obtain Good Reward In Altars Of Summoning

Altars of Summoning can be the best way to earn infinite seasonal loots.

Here are some critical secrets for completing Altars of Summoning;

1. Using The Deck Of Whisper

The Deck of Whisper is the collection of the Arcana Whisper Cards obtained by playing Savathun’s Spire or Altars of Summonings activities.

Deck of whisper
One of the new features in-game is that it provides players with sure buffs.

Additionally, using Ritual Table and Lectern of Divination lets you have major cards in your deck.

There are ten variations of the major cards, but players can have five significant cards on the deck, so look out for them.

It buffs your character with specific abilities in the event, such as escalating the chance to spawn Heavy armor scorching rounds for your solar weapons by defeating the enemies.

Moreover, this deck card applies when starting an encounter and helps eliminate enemies with incredible firepower and survive longer.

2. Lucent Blessing Buff

After you land in the Alters of Summoning, you will find the ring of the ruins symbols in the air.

The fellow guardians stand on the same three ruins-like symbols. It will give you the buff called Lucent Blessing.

Every time you start to activate this buff, it will give a little bit of super energy and some heavy ammo for each encounter.

3. Offering 

You will acquire different offering types as you play through Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch.

Likewise, these offerings can be used in the Alter of Summoning activity to change the encounter’s difficulty.

Offering is a reward
An offering is the reward players can get from Alters of Summoning.

Therefore, before any encounter, players can select the difficulties by interacting with a specific alter.

Here are the three different offerings;

  • Feeble: Tier 1 difficulty or easy mode where defeating enemies is easy but takes more time to earn the reward.
  • Robust: Tier 2 difficulty or Medium mode.
  • Powerful: Lastly, Tier 3 difficulty or Hard mode.

As you deposit the Offering, it will spawn three different swords according to your offerings: a single sword for tier 1, a double sword for tier 2, and three for tier 3.

Here, we recommend going with tier 3 for most players because it rewards a lot of progression.

Additionally, as you fill the progressing bar, you will receive many rewards such as robust offerings, or regular offerings (season of the witch engrams)

Moreover, completing activities in tier 3 only takes two or three times to fill the progression bar, which is comparatively faster than tier 1.

However, tier 3 is decently challenging, and you will die a lot, especially if there is no team synergy and fire team.

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Rewards After Completing Altars Of Summoning

Completing the Altars of Summoning will give you tons of seasonal loot.

Here is the list of rewards obtained in Altars of Summoning:

  • Feeble, robust and Powerful Offering
  • Opaque Card( Arcana Whisper Cards)
  • Witch’s Engram
  • Veiled Tithes, gear pieces
  • Ritual Table Reputation points (~250)
  • Eleatic Principle power weapon

The Bottom Line

Altars of Summoning is an activity that is very challenging and very rewarding.

Players can keep ranking rewards in Altars of Summoning activities for an extended period.

However, this depends on your fire team’s abilities.

Therefore, gear up and grind opaque cards and Powerful offerings to earn great rewards from the Altars of Summoning in Destiny 2.

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