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Spear Lady In Blasphemous 2: A Complete Guide

In Blasphemous 2, Spear Lady is one of the most enigmatic characters players will encounter in their journey.

It is the name some fans give to Yerma, a traveling warrior with a mysterious past.

Spear Lady is a traveling warrior with an unknown past, and she appears throughout your quest, offering her aid in a few key boss fights.

This article explores the details of Spear Lady and its meeting with you in the game.

Who Is Spear Lady In Blasphemous 2?

Spear Lady, also called the Yerma, is a helpful character in Blasphemous 2.

Players will encounter her in multiple boss fights.

Moreover, it is a powerful ally that can undoubtedly be beneficial in challenging boss fights.

Spear Lady in Blasphemous 2
Spear Lady is the lady with the green cloak kneeling before the player.

Helping her and the prayers she provides can grant you a significant advantage throughout your journey.

Additionally, she will provide her spear to the player as a free gift in her first meeting.

You can get powerful prayers once you see her story through to the end.

Spear Lady Questline

The Spear Lady questline is a series of events in Blasphemous 2 that involves Yerma.

Here is the guide to the Spear Lady Quest in Blasphemous 2:

1. Meeting 1: Profundo Lamento

At first, players will encounter Spear Lady in Profundo Lamento just before they drop down to the Ivy of Ascension Ability.

The room will initially host a powerful swordsman enemy as you encounter her.

Players are likely to die by the hand of this enemy, so when you return, the Spear Lady will be there instead of that enemy.

However, if you defeat the swordsman, Spear Lady will appear instantly in front of you.

Talk to her, and you will get a brief introduction to her character and the Steely Battle Lance Key Item,

This item unlocks the ability to use Marks of Martyrdom to unlock new skills on the skill trees of your weapons.

Then, she will leave from there.

map of Profundo Lamento
This is the Map of the Profundo Lamento, where you first encounter the Spear Lady.

2. Meeting 2: Sacred Entombments

The Second meeting will be in the Sacred Entombments, outside the Great Preceptor Radames boss arena.

In this meeting, she will dig deeper into her story and ask you questions in a yes or no format.

If players answer yes to both questions, she will aid you in the fight against Radmes.

In addition, she will attack simultaneously with her spear, providing some extra damage.

Spear Lady helps the player
Spear Lady helps the player fight the Great Preceptor, Readames boss.

3. Meeting 3: Beneath Her Sacred Grounds

The next meeting occurs in Beneath Her Sacred Grounds, before the Afilaor boss arena.

Once more, she will unveil more about her past and ask you to join in the upcoming confrontation.

Then, select yes, and she will help you in the battle with Afilaor.

Additionally, she will be a big help in defeating this boss because this boss is one of the trickier bosses battles in the mid-game.

Spear Lady Beneath Her Sacred Grounds
Encounter with the Spear Lady in Beneath Her Sacred Grounds.

4. Meeting 4: Two Moon

This is the last meeting you will find her Two Moons, next to the sealed door to the Svsona, Formosa Fembra boss arena.

Two Moon map
Map of the Two Moons in Blasphemous 2.

In this meeting, she will ask for your help to find some holy oil to anoint her spear to prepare for the upcoming battle.

Players need to find this Oil to advance their questline further.

holy water
Spear Lady Asks the player to find the holy water.

However, the Oil is not placed in the apparent location.

Players must travel to the leftmost Prie Dieu in the Elevated Temples area to obtain the Oil.

 Elevated Temples map
Map of the Elevated Temples where you can find the Holy oil.

You will find a chasm that requires the Scions’ Protection ability to cross.

After you cross the chasm, you will find the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment Key item.

Once you obtain the holy water, return to Yerma in Two Moon.

Then, she will ask you if she can aid you in the next confrontation.

Agree to it and defeat the Svsona boss fight with her.

5. Rewards

Once you defeat the Scsona, she will appear in the boss arena.

Players can talk to her to hear the last part of the story.

After finishing the story, you will receive powerful prayers called the Zejel of the Cruelest Thorn Prayer.

Zejel of the crulest Thron.
Spear Lady providing the reward: Zejel of the cruelest Thron.

It is a quick verse that creates a barrier of thorns and deals Miasma damage.

Finally, Yerma’s questline in Blasphemouse 2 is finished with this.

The Bottom Line

Spear Lady is an intriguing character with a significant connection with the broader lore.

However, she is helpful in the complex and tricky boss fight.

Therefore, helping her will be beneficial for you to clear the demanding boss fight and earn a huge bonus in any Blasphemous 2 playthrough.

Continue reading to find out if you need to kneel and not kneel and ways to obtain Marks of Martyrdom in Blasphemous 2.
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