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What Is The Snapchat Blimpy?

Snapchat users have been wondering what is Blimpy that is appearing on their Snapchat maps.

Users will encounter Blimpy on many occasions in the map but the purpose of it is not clear.

Blimpy on Snapchat, a fun feature for 5+ years, adds playful elements during celebrations like Easter and New Year’s with its filters, games, and stickers, making snaps enjoyable. On New Year’s, Blimpy creates a global party on the Snap Map.

In this article, we will discuss Blimpy in Snapchat.

What Is Blimpy On Snapchat?

Blimpy has been part of Snapchat for over 5 years, showing up on users’ Snap Maps for various occasions.

Moreover, it comes in different forms like filters, games, and stickers.

Blimpy filters are like animated masks with things like hot air balloons or pandas, making your selfies super fun.

They mostly appear on the snap map during Easter, St Patrick’s Day, Christmas, or New Year’s.

During Easter, there’s also a game called Blimp Balloon where you hunt for virtual eggs dropped by blimp balloons on the Snapchat map.

Blimpy Snapchat
Blimpy is an exciting element in Snapchat.

Additionally, you can also use Blimpy stickers to decorate your snaps.

During holidays like Easter, Snapchat adds special things like the Easter blimp representing different time zones.

Blimpy is more popular among Snapchat users during Easter than on any other occasion.

The Easter Blimpy gained its popularity particularly during COVID-2020 by introducing exciting games and fun activities.

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Blimpy On New Year On Snapchat

On New Year’s Eve, Snapchat brings extra cheer to the virtual world with its special feature “Blimpy.”

This festive addition adds a lively touch to the app during the countdown to the new year.

As the clock strikes midnight in different time zones, Snapchat’s Snap Map displays delightful blimp balloons representing various locations worldwide.

It’s like a colorful and animated celebration unfolding right on your phone screen.

Watching these blimps on the map feels like being part of a global New Year’s party, as each blimp signifies a place ringing in the new year.

It’s a creative way for Snapchat users to virtually connect with celebrations around the world.

New Year Blimpy
New Year’s Blimpy has the year written on it.

Moreover, it makes the New Year’s experience even more engaging and entertaining for everyone using the app.

The Blimpy in New Year’s has the year it is written on it and is colorful with fireworks around it.

For example, the 2024 blimpy would have 2024 written on it.

However, on other occasions, there are multiple colors blimpy and some accessories that represent the occasion around it.

The easter Blimpy has easter eggs surrounding it making the snap map look festive and enjoyable.

The Bottom Line

Blimpy on Snapchat has been around for over 5 years and adds playful elements during celebrations like Easter and New Year’s.

It appears in filters, games, and stickers, making selfies and snaps more enjoyable.

Overall, Blimpy brings fun and creativity to special occasions on the platform.

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