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Explore The Currently Active Bonus In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that is continuously evolving and bringing new features to the game.

One of the intriguing features is you can get a bonus for catching Pokémon or visiting PokéStops every day. 

The Bonuses Currently Active in Pokemon Go are the bonuses from the season of Adventure Above, Events, and the bonus after completing 5-star raid battles.
This article will discuss Pokemon bonuses that are currently active in Pokemon Go.

What Are Bonuses In Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, bonuses are the extra advantages that give players some boost to their gameplay.

These bonuses can be in various forms, such as increased XP, extra Stardust to catch Pokemon, and many more.

Furthermore, there are mainly two types of bonuses in Pokemon Go: Daily Bonuses and Event Bonuses.

Players can obtain Daily Bonuses by catching Pokémon or visiting PokéStops every day. 

Additionally, players can earn a large pool of bonuses once they complete these bonuses for seven days in a row.

However, Event Bonuses are different each time, and most of them are only active for three hours, from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. local time.

Furthermore, Pokemon Go also provides seasonal bonuses to the players in each season.

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Bonus That Are Currently Active In Pokemon Go

Currently, in Pokemon Go, players are given various bonuses that can improve the player’s game significantly.

Furthermore, more players can get them by completing the activities and other requirements.

Here are all the Bounses that are available in Pokemon Go:

1. Seasonal Bonus

Currently, in the Season of Adventures Abound, players are introduced to different Pokemon, early XL candy access and seasonal Bonuses.

Here are the active Bonuses during the Season of Adventures Abound given as follows;

  1. Open up to 40 Gifts daily, and hold up to 40 in your Item Bag.
  2. Enhance damage when participating in raids with a friend.
  3. Improved XP from going up a Friendship level.

These are all the bonuses players will get during the Season of the Go.

Bonus Currently Active In Pokemon Go
The seasonal bonuses that are active on Adventures Abound.

2. Event Bonuses

Pokemon Go constantly features some events from where players can get a variety of bonuses.

Here are a few Active Bonuses that players will get after completing the events.

  1. increment of Stardust for catching Pokémon.
  2. increment of Candy for catching Pokémon.
  3. chance for Trainers level 31 and up to receive Candy XL from catching Pokémons.
  4. Incense (excluding Daily Adventure Incense) activated during the event for 3 hours.
  5. You can take a few snapshots during Community Day for a surprise.
  6. One additional Special Trade can be made for a maximum of two for the day.
  7. Trades will require 50% less Stardust.

Furthermore, players will also get some bonuses after completing the event, such as the Festival of Lights, Spotlight Hour: Chinchou, and PokéStop Showcase: Litwick.

Bonus Currently Active In Pokemon Go
The event is from November 7, where players can get a few bonuses.

This event starts on November 7 and ends on 10, whereas you can engage from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

3. Daily Bonuses

Daily Bonuses are standard bonuses that players receive after completing their daily activities.

The activities can be catching Pokémon or visiting PokéStops every day.

Furthermore, players are given a large bonus for maintaining the streak for seven days.

As the players catch the first Pokemon in a day, they will get a bonus of 500 XP and 600 Stardust.

Moreover, players who catch Pokemon will get a bonus of 500 XP and 600 Stardust.

Similarly, players will get the same bonus upon visiting the shop.

The Bottom Line

Pokemon Go is the fan favourite mobile game with a ton of features.

Bonuses are one of the features that aid players in improving their gameplay and catching tons of Pokemon.

Furthermore, the active bonuses depend on the season and events.

Therefore, make sure to keep an eye on the bonuses which can significantly benefit your playstyle.

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