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How To Complete The DBD Unwanted Guest Challenge?

Unwanted Guest is a level 2 challenge during the seasonal Bone Chill event in Dead by Daylight (DBD).

Players can complete this challenge as a survivor or killer and have to destroy the snowman decoys.

In DBD, to complete the unwanted guest challenge players have to destroy one snowman decoy either with a basic attack, a killer power, or a snowskull. Additionally, the snowman should be a jumpscare snowman instead of a regular one.

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What Is The Unwanted Guest Challenge In DBD?

The unwanted guest challenge is one of the tricky tasks in DBD where players have to destroy snowman decoys.

Further, the Snowman Decoys is a part of the Bone Chill event, which is a seasonal event that celebrates winter holidays.

unwanted guest challenge
During the challenge, players have to destroy snowman decoys.

Players can destroy the snowman either with a basic attack, a killer power or attacking with a Snowskull.

The unwanted guest challenge is bugged according to many players because when they hit the snowman, it is not working.

However, completing the challenge requires players to destroy the jumpscare snowman, not a regular one.

Steps To Complete The Unwanted Guest Challenge In DBD

To complete the Unwanted Guest challenge in for Bone Chill event in DBD, players need to follow a simple set of steps.

Here are the steps to complete the challenge:

1. Find The Snowman

The Snowman decoy is the special prop that appears randomly on the map during the event.

Players have to find the snowman carefully to hit them to complete the unwanted guest.

2. Craft Snowballs

To craft the snowballs, players have to find a pile of snow and interact with it.

Further, make the snowballs and collect up to 6 snowballs at a time.

3. Throw The Snowballs

Then, throw the snowballs toward the Snowman aiming toward it properly.

However, not every snowman counts for this challenge. 

throwing snowballs
The player is throwing a snowball towards the jumpscare snowman.

Only the snowmen that jumpscare you before exploding are considered decoys.

Make sure that throwing the snowball destroys the decoy snowman completely.

4. Listen The Scare

After throwing the snowball or hitting them with the weapon, they start the jumpscare animation.

Further, after destroying the snowman, you can hear a jumpscare that indicates you’ve completed the challenge.

How To Destroy Snowman In Unwanted Guest Challenge In DBD?

To complete the challenge, players are required to destroy the snowman as a survivor or a killer.

1. Survivor

As a survivor, you can use a basic attack or a snow skull to destroy the snowman.

You can pick up a snow skull from the ground or from a snowman that you have entered and exited.

Further, you can only carry one snow skull at a time and throw the snow skull at the mimic snowman as soon as it starts the jump-scare animation.

If you hit the mimic snowman with the snow skull, it will explode and count towards the challenge.

Likewise, you also need to avoid being hit by the killer, who can destroy the snowman and expose you.

2. Killer

Destroying the snowman as a killer requires you to hit a snowman decoy that is hiding a survivor inside it.

Then, hit the mimic snowman with your basic attack or power as soon as it starts the jump-scare animation.

If you hit the mimic snowman, it will explode and count towards the challenge. 

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the unwanted guest is a tricky and interesting challenge to scare away the snowman in the event.

Completing the Unwanted Guest Challenge rewards players with 30,000 blood points and a festive charm.

Further, after this challenge, players can continue with other level 2 challenges in the Bone Chill event.

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