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Memories In Book Of Hours: Complete Guide

Book of Hours is a fast-paced role-playing game with no combat and multiple story-building.

Players use Memories in Book of Hours to buff their research with the help of weather, skills, and your Soul aspect.

In Book of House, Memories are tough to acquire during the early game. However, players can get memories by performing different unrepeatable actions.

This article will explain the Book of Hours, including the Memories and their types.

Understanding Books Of Hour

Books of Hour is a single-player board game in which the player plays the role of an occult librarian.

Furthermore, the game is set within the same universe as a cultist simulator, providing a similar feel.

The game finished beta testing and launched on August 17, 2023.

Initially, the game drops players into the librarian’s shoes, who invites them to work to restore a library.

Players have to know different things to move forward in the game ;

Here are some of them listed below;

  1. Principle: Principles are unique Aspects that embody archetypal characteristics and ideas. These principles include Heart, Scale, Forge, Edge, and Lantern.
  2. Element of the Soul: It is your various Stats. The game has 9 of them, including Health, Ereb, Phost, and Mettle. Initially, the player will get one Health and have to choose two elements of the soul.
  3. Skill: Players mostly need skills to increase the number of principles. Furthermore, players can learn the skills from the Lesson.
  4. Memories And Lesson: Memories are the buffs that players can gain and use temporarily. Players use it for reading books, buffing assistants, crafting, and more.
    Lessons are the particular memories that do not disappear at dawn. Furthermore, they can also be consumed as regular memories.

Memories are a core part of Book Of Hours, so keep reading to know more about memories.

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Memories In Book Of Hour

Memory is the part of the card that players can use to add the required principle to an action.

Memories disappear at each dawn unless they are Persistent.

Memory Storm
Memories also contain various aspects similar to cultist simulators.

Furthermore, players can use memories in crafting and upgrading Skills.

Interacting or talking to someone about the Memory will add the Memories Principle to players once a day.

However, the easiest way to get the memories of the desired aspect is to re-read a book.

Reading the same book will always give you the same Memory.

Here is the list of memories players can obtain by reading the books. 

  1. Memory(Revelation): Obtain by reading The Locksmith’s Dream – Stolen Reflections, Gospel of Nicodemus, Sunrise Awakenings, The Locksmith’s Dream: A Light through the Keyhole, and so on.
  2. Memory(Fear): This Memory can provide Edge 1, Scale 2, aspect and obtain from Stolen Histories, The Viennese Conundra, The Sun’s Lament, The Treatise on Underplaces, and A True History of Valentine Dewulf.
A temporary Memory consisting of 2 scales.
  1. Memory(Impulse): Players can obtain this Memory from reading Raveling at Night, Vol I Kitling Ripe and the Moldywarp’s Grave (and Other Stories)
  2. Memory(Storm): Obtained from the books Apollo and Marsyas, De Motu Corporum Vetitorum.
  3. Intuition: Obtained by reading the following books: The Orchid Transfigurations: A Feast, The Book of the Centipede, Against the Sisterhood of the Knot and the Foulness of Their Depraved.
Book of Hours Memories
This is the Intuition card symbol, with the aspect of 2 Moon and 2 Rose.
  1. Memory(Touch): The player can get Touch Craft from the fingertips.
  2. Memory( A Stolen Secret): Obtain it by reading the following books: “The Account of Kanishk at the Spider’s Door” and “The Gospel of Zacchaeus.”

Additional Tips Of Memories In Book Of Hours

Memory is divided into two types in which these memories are included.

The two types include Non-Persistent Memories and Persistent Memories.

Persistent Memories are the Memory that disappear at each dawn.

This type includes Memories such as weather variations (Rain, Storm, Sunny) and other temporary Memories (Taste, Touch, Fear).

Non-Presistent Memories are Memories that do not disappear on each dawn.

It includes Memories such as Occult Scrap, Invincible Audacity, Earth-Sign, and many more.

The Bottom Line

If players want more principles, they must spend most of their time in Hush House.

Also, it can help players participate in the challenge when the stats of the books are vital, allowing them to place the right card in the slot.

Moreover, the game has three slots for Soul, Skill and Memory cards.

Therefore, gathering armies helps players place the right card in these challenges.

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