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Data Crawler In Destiny 2: Complete The Mission

Osiris Data Crawler is a device used to collect and store information about the Veil in Destiny 2.

It is part of the new Season of the witch quest known as Unveiled Quest.

You must complete the Unveiled quest to complete the Data Crawler mission in Destiny 2. The player must listen to one of the messages in Veil Containment, which can be launched from Neomuna or from the Quests screen.

This article dives deeper into the Osiris Data crawler and its uses in Destiny 2.

Introducing Osiris In Destiny 2

Osiris is a former Vanguard Commander specializing in studying Vex, Hive and the Darkness.

His study slowly became the obsession that led him to be expelled from the Lost City in Destiny.

Exiled, Osiris continued his study on the Vex of Mercury and discovered the Infinite Forest, a vast Vex simulation engine.

This enables him to gain more information on Vex plans.

Furthermore, Osiris led his own DLC, Curse of Osiris, which became the crucial part of the storyline for an entire year.

Osiris was the most arrogant and reckless character in the history of destiny when he possessed the Light.

He reestablishs the connection with the last city after stopping panoptic, Infinite Mind with The guardians and Ikora Ray’s help.

After succeeding in rescuing his partner, Osiris left the mercury in search of allies and information on the dark future.

Moreover, Osiris lost his connection to Light after encountering the Xive Arath, which resulted in the death of his allies.

During a certain period,  the Witch Queen Savathun possessed Osiris’s body and used the body to spy on the vanguard.

He was later released; however, he remained in a coma.

Mithrax, kell of Light, later gave some Darkness-infused brew that woke him.

However, he cannot take a combat role due to losing his companion, Ghost.

The last mission of Osiris was to accompany the Guardian to stop the shadow Legion from acquiring a veil.

Osiris Data Crawler In Destiny 2

Osiris used the Data Crawler, a machine, in his research to gather information on the Vex.

It is located at the Veil Containment facility.

The players can use this machine to access the data log recorded by the Osiris.

In the new Season of the Witch, the player receives a simple quest called “Unveiled.”

Furthermore, players must complete a task check on the Osiris’s Data crawler for more information about the Veil’s history.

How To Get Osiris Data Crawler Device?

You can get the Osiris Data Crawler in the Strand after you accept the Unveiled quest from him.

In this quest, the player must collect 50 Veil Fragments from enemies in the Strand.

Then, the data crawler scans 10 Veil Containment devices hidden around the map.

Moreover, you can use the data crawler to listen to the audio logs.

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How To Complete Unveiled: Data Crawler Mission?

To complete this mission, players do not need any weapons or anything.

Here is the step-by-step guide to complete the Unveiled Quest in Destiny 2.

  1. Firstly, players must complete all the previous quests from the Season of the Witch storyline. Then, players will unlock the Unveiled campaign.
  2. Players must navigate to the Striers’ Gate, Neomuna and interact with him to accept the Quest and initiate the Data Crawler mission.
Osiris Data Crawler
Players can initiate the unveiled Quest by interacting with Nimbus.
  1. After doing that, navigate to veil containment and decrypt the data on Osiris Data Crawler. This will initiate a recorded conversation.
veil containment in destiny 2
Part of the Quest is to navigate to veil containment.
  1. After hearing the conversation, Quest will return to the Hall of Heroes.
  2. Return to the Pouka Pond and pick up your new Aspect. You can choose Weavewalk, Banner of War, or Whirling Maelstrom depending on your class.

Upon completing the Quest, the players will receive a new strand aspect as a reward.

Thereafter, you can equip them in your subclass menu.

The Bottom Line

The machine used to access the data and information of the vex is the Qsiris Data Crawler.

The Quest called Unveiled used Qsiris Data Crawler at the Veil containment.

Moreover, this Quest is quite simple and easy to complete and gives exciting rewards.

Therefore, join the game to get exciting rewards with interesting stories.

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