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Discover The Twerk Mod In Lethal Company

Many videos of characters twerking in Lethal Company are rotating and players are wondering where can they find this mod.

However, the answer is quite easy, as it is present in one of the mods on the Thunderstone website.

In Lethal Company, players must install the More Emotes modes from the Thunderstone website and launch that mod to twerk. However, they must be installed in the correct game directory for the mod to work.

Continue reading this article to learn about the twerk mod in Lethal Company.

Introduction To Twerk Mod In Lethal Company

Lethal Company has many mods that players can use in the game for a unique gaming experience.

Similarly, one such mod is the More Emotes mod, which allows players to twerk in the game.

Twerk mod lethal company
Gameplay of the More Emotes(Twerk mod) in Lethal Company.

Moreover, there are six different emotes that players can use alongside the twerk emote in this mod.

To use emotes, players must press the V key(default bind) on their keyboard and select an emote.

Specifically, players can directly access the twerk emote by pressing the 7 key on their keyboard after pressing V.

Here are all the emotes that players can use in this emote mod:

  • Middle Finger
  • Clap
  • Shy
  • The Griddy
  • Twerk
  • Salute
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How To Install The Twerk Mod In Lethal Company?

There are many steps that players must follow to install the Twerk mod in Lethal Company. They are:

  1. Firstly, players must visit the Thunderstone official website and search for More Emotes mods.
  2. Then, they should specifically install the More emotes V1.2.2 – Sligili – v45 | v40 to get the twerk emote.
  3. Also, the player must install the BepInEx-BepInExPack to run this mod without any errors.
  4. Moreover, players must extract the mod main game folder (where Lethal Company.exe is located).
  5. Finally, they can use the twerk emote after launching this mod from the Mods screen on the Menu.

Why Is The Twerk Mod Not Working?

Online players complain that their More Emotes mod is not working in the game and wonder why.

However, this is a difficult question to tackle as there are many possible causes why this might happen.

Therefore, players must learn to pinpoint the type of cause to find its solution.

Some of the reasons for the More Emotes mod to malfunction are:

  1. Firstly, Thunderstone and BepinExpack are not the official devs of the game, hence, it is bound to crash sometimes.
  2. Players usually download only the previous mod version, which does not run the new modded game.
  3. Players cannot run the twerk mod if the extracted files are in the wrong directory.
  4. Sometimes the mod does not function properly if a new version is released.
  5. Mod version mismatch is the most common reason players can’t launch this mode.
  6. Moreover, sometimes the mod does not work because it might be removed from the game.
changelog of twerk mod
Checking the changelog to figure out why the twerk mod is not working.
  1. Players can also visit the change log to seek answers for why this mod is not working.
  2. The mod may not function properly due to some undiscovered bug in the backend of the file.

The Bottom Line

Mods like More Emote undergo constant updates as it is not a corporate product but an individual one.

Therefore, some issues are bound to occur since it is a third-party mod and not an official one.

However, players can always seek help in Thunderstone’s community as they are very active.

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