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Bracken Room Lethal Company: How To Kill Or Avoid?

Lethal Company is a multiplayer horror game where you and your friends must escape from a facility filled with deadly creatures and traps.

One of the most terrifying enemies you will encounter is the bracken, a creature that can sense your movements and chase you down.

In Lethal Company, players can find bracken in the bracken room, a particular area of the facility. Furthermore, you can avoid or kill him by either using a zap gun or air horn to scare him.

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What Is Bracken In Lethal Company?

The bracken is a bipedal vertebrate with a dark black skin color and the texture of a red beet.

It has a large body with a mouth full of sharp teeth and a long vine-like body that can stretch and coil around its prey.

However, there isn’t much detail about the bracken due to its illusiveness and low population.

Bracken is a dark black color entity in Lethal Company.

Furthermore, the bracken is mainly known for its hostility when cornered or watched for a long time.

Similarly, if you make eye contact with him for more than four seconds, he will attack you even if you try to run.

However, the bracken is very sensitive to sound and vibration and can locate its victims by listening to their footsteps.

Bracken hides in the dark
Bracken hides in the dark and sneakily attacks you.

Moreover, the bracken is fast and agile and can move through even in small spaces or sharp corners.

It can also camouflage itself in the dark as the color of the body is dark black, waiting for the right moment to strike.

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Where Is The Bracken Room In Lethal Company?

In Lethal Company, the bracken room is a particular area where the bracken is hidden in the dark.

Furthermore, it is usually located in the one of the furthest from the exit.

The bracken room contains all the dead bodies of the team members that the brackets have killed before.

Bracken Room in Lethal Company
Bracken Room contains the dead bodies of players in Lethal Company.

The bracken room is one of the most dangerous places in the facility and should be avoided at all costs.

How To Kill Or Avoid Bracken In Lethal Company?

The bracken is not easy to kill as it can sneak and evade from the players.

One of the ways to kill the bracken is to use electricity, as it can shock and stun it, making it easier to finish.

You can use a zap gun, a stun grenade, or a power switch to electrocute the bracken and then shoot it with a gun or a knife.

However, you will need teammates for this, as it is impossible to kill him solo.

One can lure the target into a trap with bracken and use a zap gun to kill them.

The best way to avoid the bracken is to be quiet and sneaky, as the bracken relies on sound and vibration to find you. Before escaping, you can distract the bracken with a radio, toy, or decoy.

Another way to avoid the bracken is to scare it off, as the bracken is sensitive to loud sound. You can use an air horn or a flashbang to make the bracken feel uncomfortable and make it back off for a while.

You can also use a glance, as the bracken hates eye contact and will get nervous if you look at it briefly and then away.

However, do not stare at the bracken for longer than four seconds, as it will make it angry and attack you.

The bottom line

The bracken room is one of the most terrifying places in Lethal Company, and you should avoid it at all costs.

However, if you have to face it, you can use electricity, stealth, or make a loud noise to kill or avoid it.

Remember, the bracken is not invincible, and you can defeat it with teamwork, strategy, and courage.

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