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Survive The Tentacle Monster Lethal Company

The tentacle monster is a new that players can interact with in Lethal Company.

The entity will act as a merchant if the players do not agitate.

The Tentacle monster despises loud noises and even the constant ringing of the bell to call it. Thus, when players interact with the entity, they must pay great attention to not agitate it because it will drag the players to their imminent downfall.

This article discusses the tentacle monster and how to survive against it in Lethal Company.

What Is The Tentacle Monster In Lethal Company?

The Tentacle Monster in Lethal Company is rather a semi-aggressive entity in Lethal Company.

Semi-aggressive because there are certain triggers that the players must keep in mind not to agitate.

Furthermore, the actual interaction with the tentacle monster is to sell items to the entity.

Thus, it is more of a trader or a merchant in Lethal Company than a monster that players must be wary of.

However, certain mechanics can trigger the tentacle monster, thus, players must keep that in mind as well.

tentacle monster location lethal company
The tentacle monster is inside a slot.
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How To Survive The Tentacle Monster In Lethal Company?

The tentacle monster will not show any hostility towards the players when they approach it.

Since it acts as a merchant, it will take any item the players place on the slot table before the tentacle monster.

Players can ring the bell on the slot table to get the monster to take the items placed there.

However, if the player continuously rings the bell, the tentacle monster will become aggressive.

This is one of the triggers the players must consider when interacting with the tentacle monster.

Except for this trigger, if the players use any other sound, such as horns or robots, the tentacle monster will get aggressive and attack the player.

tentacle monster attack lethal company
The tentacle monster attacks players if it is agitated.

Moreover, the tentacle monster will give audio cues such as a “Growl” if the players are agitating the entity.

This means if the players ignore this audio warning, they will get taken down by the tentacle monster.

Furthermore, if the tentacle monster does catch the player and drag them inside its layer, players will not receive any payout.

Typically, players would earn a 5 c payout for the death of a player, but in the case of the tentacle monster, there are no payouts.

Thus, to survive against the tentacle monster, players must not agitate the monster.

Furthermore, the game calls the tentacle monster “Jeb.”

Thus, if players find the name “Jeb” in the game, they can know that the game is talking about the tentacle monster.

The Bottom Line

The tentacle monster is a new monster or entity that the players are meeting in Lethal Company.

Furthermore, due to its unique mechanics, players sometimes make the mistake of agitating the entity and later face death.

Thus, players must pay great attention to the audio cues when interacting with this entity.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the tentacle monster in Lethal Company.

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