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Lethal Company Hyena Mod: Embrace Your Inner Hyena

Darn Hyena created the Hyena Mod with contributions from Zoomy, Bizzle, NepuSHiro, 753, and Bobbie in Lethal Company.

The Hyena Mod is a standalone mod that adds hyena species and items to the game.

The Hyena mod is a unique and entertaining mod in Lethal Company that allows players to transform into scavenging hyena creatures. Players can also experience unique abilities like pouncing, digging, and enhanced senses.

Continue reading to learn more about Hyena Mod, Yeens in this mod, and things to do in Lethal Company.

Hyena Mod In Lethal Company 

The Hyena Mod is not a standalone game or quest but rather a mod that transforms into hyena creatures known as Yeens.

Players can assume the role of a hyena, scampering around the environment with increased agility and stealth.

Moreover, the hyena also possesses unique quirks and adaptations.

The ability to scurry through tight spaces and consume food scraps for energy.

However, you can install Hyena Mod using the Thunderstore Mod Manager.

Additionally, it is a client-side mod, meaning other players will not be transformed into hyenas.

In rare instances, other players may appear ghostly or invisible to the hyena player.

Hence, it is a known issue that the mod developer is addressing.

enjoy their transformation
In the Hyena mod, players can enjoy their transformation as a hyena.
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Types Of Yeens To Customize

Here are the types of Yeens to customize yourself in Hyena mod :

Hyena HeadHyena Tail
Outback Hyena HeadShadow Hyena Tail
Hyena HeadHyena Tail
Painted Hyena HeadPainted Hyena Tail
Prairie Hyena HeadPrairie Hyena Tail
Trench Yeen Hyena HeadTrench Yeen Hyena Tail
Savannah Hyena HeadSavannah Hyena Tail
Grey Hyena HeadGrey Hyena Tail
Nomadic Hyena HeadNomadic Yeen Hyena Tail
Normandy Hyena HeadNormandy Hyena Tail
Outback Hyena HeadOutback Hyena Tail
Sand Tiger Hyena HeadSand Yeen Hyena Tail
White Hyena HeadWhite Hyena Tail
Kawaii Hyena HeadKawaii Hyena Tail
Cerulean Hyena HeadCerulean Hyena Tail
Monotone Hyena HeadMonotone Hyena Tail
Brown Hyena HeadBrown Hyena Tail
Shadow Hyena Head
types of Yeens to customize
Different types of Yeens to customize yourself in Hyena mod.

Things To Do In Hyena Mod In Lethal Company

You can scurry through tight spaces, climb walls, and even leap across gaps as a hyena.

This will allow you to explore areas of the game that were previously inaccessible to you as a human.

The Hyena Mod also introduces several unique abilities for the hyena form, and these abilities include:

  • Pouncing: Pounce on enemies to deal damage and knock them back
  • Digging: Digging for hidden treasures
  • Enhanced sense: The enhanced sense allows them to detect food and enemies from a distance.

Food scraps are scattered throughout the environment, and you can consume those scraps to gain energy as a hyena.

Likewise, you can use this energy to perform special hyena abilities like pouncing or digging.

You will be able to smell food from a distance and also hear the faintest sounds.

Therefore, as a hyena, you will be able to see the world in a whole new way.

The Bottom Line

Hence, the Hyena Mod allows you to feel like a scavenging hyena in the world of Lethal Company.

However, getting used to the hyena form and its abilities may take some time.

But you can still share your experiences and discoveries with your friends, adding a new layer of fun and camaraderie.

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