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Why Win Streak In Brawl Stars Not Working?

In Brawl Stars, your Win Streak will begin when you get two victories in a row, players can earn up to 5 extra Trophies per game for their streak.

However, many players are facing some issues as their Win Streak is not working.

Brawl Stars’ Win Streak is not working as there is some issue with the Map Maker. As for now, players have to wait for the next update.

Continue reading to find out everything about Brawl Stars Win Streak and why it is not working for some players.

What Is Win Streak In Brawl Stars?

Win Streak is one of the favorite features of players that was added in Brawl Stars.

Likewise, with the Win Streak, people were able to get trophies within the mapmaker Maps.

The longer your win streak, the more rewards you can earn and it has certain in-game benefits, such as earning additional rewards.

However, players must aim to achieve high win streaks to maximize the rewards they receive.

Moreover, to increase your performance in Brawl Stars, it is important to have a good understanding of the game mechanics.

In addition, here are some tips that may give you a strategic advantage and improve your overall performance in matches.

1. Know The Maps

Studying the maps is vital as each game mode has different layouts and key areas.

Moreover, familiarize yourself with the different maps in Brawl Star.

2. Upgrade Your Brawlers

Master you Brawler and take the time to learn the ins and outs of your chosen Brawler.

Upgrading your Brawlers makes them more powerful and gives you an advantage in battles.

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Is Win Streak Still In The Game?

Players were curious and enjoying the new features of Brawl Stars, i.e.Win Streak.

Unfortunately, in Brawl Stars some bug has been found by the developers in this feature.

Thus, for maintenance and to bring it back in the game with new updates the game has been stopped for now.

Players reporting on online forums about the issue.
Players are reporting on online forums about the issue.

They have found a bug with Win Streaks which allows players to obtain Trophies from Map Maker matches.

Moreover, the Brawl Stars team has removed the Win Streak feature from the game till next week.

Hence, players reported in various online forums that this decision of the Brawl Stars team is not fair.

Moreover, they are requesting to disable the map maker slots for now and bring back the Win Streak in the game.

When Will The Win Streak Not Working Issue Be Fixed?

The developers of the game are working to fix the problem and improve the situation.

Moreover, the developers need to identify the problem and thoroughly test it to ensure it doesn’t introduce new issues, so players need to have some patience. 

Official announment from The Brawl Stars in Twitter about the issue.
An official announcement from The Brawl Stars on Twitter about the issue.

Further, keep an eye on the official communication channels of the game to get the latest information.

So, players can stay updated on the official Twitter handle while waiting for an official fix.

The Bottom Line

The Brawl Stars Win Streak is not working, causing chaos among the players.

Players have to wait until the next update as developers are working to solve this issue soon.

Moreover, engage with the community, be patient, and stay updated.

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