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Explore The Holiday Poll In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Holiday Poll is a friendship quest from Jack Skellington in the Dreamlight Valley.

The poll discovers the favorite holidays of the villagers and what these holidays mean to them.

In The Holiday Poll quest, you have to collect information from the villagers about the best parts and activities about the holidays to help Jack Skellington plan and come up with the best holiday for the villagers. 
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What Is The Holiday Poll In Dreamlight Valley?

The Holiday Poll is a quest given by Jack Skellington in the Dreamlight Valley during The Pumpkin King Returns update.

It requires you to collect information from various characters to help Jack plan a perfect Holiday celebration in the valley.

Further, the quest is only available after reaching level 7 friendship with Jack Skellington.

Jack feels that a holiday celebration is missing in the Dreamlight Valley so he comes up with the idea of Dreamlight Day.

You can help Jack plan a memorable holiday event by completing this quest.

Furthermore, you can also gain insights into each character’s personality and holiday traditions.

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How To Complete The Holiday Poll In Dreamlight Valley?

The quest starts after you talk with Jack Skillington and he tasks you with collecting the sample.

The holiday poll quest in Dreamlight Valley
The Holiday Poll quest starts after talking to Jack Skellington.

At the start of the quest, you have to talk to multiple villagers for a cross-representative sample.

Each character will share a unique perspective about the holiday so you have to pay attention.

You have to talk to the following villagers to collect information:

1. Talk To Minnie

As you’re talking to Minnie, she’ll share that her favorite and fun holiday is Halloween.

Further, she shares that she loves dressing up and being scared.

When you get this information, you can go and talk with other villagers.

2. Talk To Scar

Talking to Scar is a chance to learn about holidays for animals, and not limit the research to just humans.

Scar reveals that he loves it when the Kingdom’s subjects gather at Pride Rock.

talk with scar
Talking with Scar to know about his favorite holiday for the quest.

They all gather together to bear witness to the new lion prince or princess.

3. Talk To Olaf

Olaf says that all holidays are special and choosing just one holiday is hard.

However, he has a favorite holiday activity which is giving presents.

Olaf carefully plans all year long to collect trivia about his friends to come up with a perfect holiday present.

4. Talk To Vanellope

Vanellope knows about holidays from the internet and games.

She feels that during holidays, the games have long-week holiday events, mini-games, and new currency.

Talking to vanellope for the holiday poll
Asking Vanellope about her favorite holiday for the quest.

However, she says that she’s not experienced any such holidays.

Still, she feels that the holiday can be fun so she’s excited about the event.

Further, after talking to all the villagers go back to Jack to give all the information collected.

Then you have to complete some quests for the villagers.

  • Holiday Treat for Scar: Grow some special vegetables for Scar
  • Holiday Treat for Olaf: Bring blank books for Olaf
  • Holiday Treat for Vanellope: Make brightly colored Candy Skull for Vanellope

After completing all the quests, the holiday poll is completed and you get Star coins and dream lights as rewards.

Additionally, your friendship with Jack Skellington also increases.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Jack Skellington wants to plan the best Holiday for the villagers of Dreamlight Valley called Dreamlight Day.

For this reason, he comes up with The Holiday Poll quest where you have to help him gather information.

After collecting the information, you have to talk to Jack Skellington to complete the quest and receive rewards.

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