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Complete The Tower Quest In Disney DreamLight Valley

In Disney DreamLight Valley, players are curious about how to climb up to Rapunzel’s tower and complete the quest.

To complete the tower quest, players must go through various areas in the valley and complete smaller missions.

You can complete The Tower quest in Disney DreamLight Valley by opening The Ancient Door, repairing the Sundial Island with Sundial Gears, reaching the Statue Of Time with Rapunzel, unlocking the Grove, climbing up Rapuzel’s Tower growing Vine Seeds, and opening Gothel’s Chest to obtain The Jewel Of Time.

Continue reading to find out more about how to complete the tower quest in Disney DreamLight Valley.

What Is The Tower Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will get a tower quest where you must sneak into the tower with Rapunzel to find a Jewel of Time.

Rapunzel is the new second character introduced in A Rift In Time DLx expansion pass.

Furthermore, The Jewel of Time belongs to the Statue of Time in Eternity isle but unfortunately, the jewel is missing.

The villain mother of Rapunzel stole the Jewel of Time from the statue and hid it in the tower.

So, you and Rapuzel must take a journey to the tower to find the Jewel and save the Eternity Isle.

Along the way to the tower, you must complete several quests to unlock the way to the tower.

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How To Complete The Tower Quest In Disney DreamLight Valley?

To complete the Tower quest in Dreamlight Valley you must start by completing small quests.

Furthermore, the completion of these small quests will lead you to Rapuzel’s tower where you can find the lost Jewel of Time.

1. Open The Ancient Door

The first step is to open The Ancient Door, which is located behind the waterfall in the Grasslands.

However, to open the ancient door you must gather the remaining Sun Core Pieces.

ancient door
Complete the Tower quest in Dreamlight Valley by opening the Ancient Door.

In addition, you can find the sun core pieces by breaking the grey floating rocks around the Isle.

Now, after you collect three sun cores you can use it to unlock the Ancient Door.

2. Catch Floating Sun Core In Sundial Isle

So go through the Ancitent door with Rapunzel and investigate the second Suncore near Sundial.

Furthermore, the sun core is Sundial is different as it runs away when you approach it.

You must catch the Floating sun core and transfer it into a glowing crystalline structure.

3. Repair The Sundial Island With Sundial Gears

The Sundial Island is not working, so you must repair the Sundial mechanism in the center to get to the far island.

Hence, your next quest is to search and find the Isle for Sundial Gears.

You must collect 10 of the Floating Sundial Gears and fix the Sundial Island in Dreamlight Valley.

Thus, the glowing crystalline structure will start moving and give you a new quest to reach the Statue of Time with Rapunzel on a floating island.

4. New Quest To Reach Statue Of Time With Rapunzel

After you reach the Statue of Time with Rapuzel, you will discover the jewel of time is missing from the statue.

Furthermore, the Jewel of Time is hidden by Mother Gothel in the Rapunzel’s tower.

statue of time
When you reach the Statue of time you will get a new quest to find the jewel of time.

So you must begin your tower quest with Rapuzel to bring the Jewel of Time back to the Statue of Time.

Hence, you have to check the tower to find the jewel of time as Eternity isle is counting on you to place the jewel in the statue.

4. Unlock The Grove To Get To The Tower

To find the jewel, you must get to the tower but first, you need to unlock the Grove in the wild tangle.

Furthermore, you can unlock the Grove if you must have at least 4000 mist.

If you don’t have 4000 mist, you can search for Mist with your hourglass or access the Dreamlight menu.

Once the groove is unlocked, you can make your way to the tower but you cannot directly go up to the tower as the stairs are cursed.

5. Climb Up The Rapuzel’s Tower Growing Vine Seeds

You must find a way to climb up the tower from outside by getting vine seeds and growing them up to climb the tower.

However, the vines take ages to grow so you can use your hourglass to plant the vine seeds and speed up the growing time.

Hence, you can find the vine seeds when you dig up on the plains near the Oasis.

Grow the vines by planting the vines seed and using your hourglass magic to speed the growth to climb the tower.

Now you can go outside Rapuzel’s tower to plant all three Vines seeds in the soil at the base of the tower.

However, you must remove the swirling sands around Rapuzel’s tower to plant the vine seeds.

Next, you can interact with the tower to grow the vine’s seed with hourglass magic.

Hence, you can enter the tower with Rapunzel using the vines that grow up to the top of the tower.

6. Open Gothel’s Chest To Obtain The Jewel Of Time

Open Gothel’s chest in the tower along Rapunzel which will trigger a strange glowing shadow of Gothel.

Furthermore, to obtain the Jewel of Time you must ask Rapunzel to talk to the Gothel’s shadow.

Obtain The Jewel of Time from the Gothel’s Quest to complete the tower quest.

Hence, this will result in the glowing shadow to dismiss giving you the Jewel of time.

When you obtain the Jewel of Time, you will complete the tower quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Bottom Line

The Tower Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is very interesting as it displays the lore of Rapunzel’s movie.

However, it is a bit tricky to complete the tower quest as you must go through many smaller quests to reach the tower.

Hence, you can use this guide to obtain the Jewel of Time from Rapunzel’s tower and save the Eternity Isle.

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