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Graffiti In Brink Terminal: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

The Brink Terminal is one of the map locations in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Moreover, the location grants the Players exclusive rewards upon completing its events.

To obtain Graffiti at the Brink Terminal in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Players need to Drain the Canal. Initially, they must beat Mesh at Panet Plaza and use reps and large pipes to control the room.

Continure reading to explore the Brink Terminal locations and its precious rewards in the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

What Is Brink Terminal?

Brink Terminal is among the many locations in the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game. 

The Brink terminal has quite a few exciting features, including three Graffiti and new inline skins.

Moreover, the inline skins are parts the skateboard players can equip for high utility and looks in their ride.

Whereas Graffiti is one of the game’s primary features, including Skating.

Players can spray stylish graffiti art and write their names while breaking the police laws in Amsterdam.

Thanks to the high number of Graffiti, Players are eager to explore the Brink Terminal.

Unfortunately, they are only able to find the inline skins at the Sluice gate, but not the Graffiti.

In addition, the only way to extract the Graffiti is by draining the canals.

However, Players are unable to reach the point because of the missing sequence in completing the event.

How To Solve Drain Canal Issue In Brink Terminal?

If Players are eager to unlock new sites of Graffiti to spray Exquisite Arts, ensure to follow the steps below;

  1. Defeat Eclipse in the Main Event
Eclipse Cyberfunk
Beat Eclipse in the Skateboarding.
  1. Visit the Planet Plaza Area in the Central Platform.
brink terminal bomb rush cyberfunk
Enter the Planet Plaza location in Central Platform.
  1. Interact with Mesh, the Dancing guy at the top of the Planet Plaza.
  2. Defeat Mesh in the skateboarding event at Planetarium in the Points competition.
  3. Obtain the Message from Mesh by stepping into the tunnel’s canal and get Graffiti.
brink terminal bomb rush cyberfunk
Use the Graffiti to spray the wall.

After Players trigger a message from Mesh, ensure to throw the board in the canal.

Further, Players must clear the route of the boardwalk and head upwards by using reps.

A large pipe is available in the area to solve the drain canal issue. 

After solving the drainage problem, players can unlock the rewards of three Graffiti.

Unfortunately, the Graffiti keeps disappearing is one of the points of the Brink Terminal.

When players spray Graffiti in one of the Brink Terminal spots, it keeps disappearing.

The issue is caused by one of the game bugs, which many gamers are concerned about.

However, this is not a big issue, as players can paint amazing Graffiti in other spots.

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The Bottom Line

Brink Terminal in Bomb Rush Cuberfunk is a getaway to unlock fantastic Graffiti.

Further, Players can obtain up to three Graffiti draining the canal in the terminal.

However, Players must rep to free the path, beat Mesh in points and head to the control room for the solution.

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