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How To Find The Broken Timepiece In Remnant 2?

Broken Timepiece in Remnant 2 is one of the crafting items. 

Moreover, the crafting items can be traded for an exclusive item to enhance the inventory.

Broken Timepiece in Remnant is an exclusive crafting material to obtain the Time Lapse Weapon mod. The Clock can be extracted in the Lemark District of the Losomn end-point location. 

Continue reading to find the location and usage of the Broken Timepiece in Remnant 2. 

What Is The Broken Timepiece?

The Broken Timepiece is a rare crafting Material with a deep secret.

Moreover, The watch’s abnormal face suggests its origin outside of Earth’s time. 

The Broken Timepiece reflects the tale of Hewdas Clock

Furthermore, The Tale of Hewdas Clock is one of the in-game events that saved the city from a dangerous threat. 

How To Use The Broken Timepiece?

As the Broken timepiece is one of the crafting materials, it is used for swapping exclusive inventories.

In contrast, the Clock is found in the Losomn location, one of the Earth’s four end-points. 

The Broken piece ingredient is extracted to craft the Time Lapse Weapon mod.

Besides, the potent skill can also dismantle six regular enemies at once. 

The Time Lapse mod can be extracted in Ward 13 with McCabe.

Ward 13 is one of the exclusive locations and a central hub for trades in Remnant 2. 

Furthermore, McCabe is one of the game’s important Non-Player Characters (NPC).

NPCs are the characters that guide players for future events and also act as a merchant for trading items and inventories. 

How To Find The Broken Timepiece in Remnant 2?

To start extracting Broken Timepiece in Reamnant 2, players should initially complete the Tower Clock event in Losomn.

After that, players can start searching for valuable items. Here’s how you extract the item.

  1. Enter the Losomn location and check the time in the Hewdas Clock
Hewdas clock location Remnant 2
Heading towards the Hewdas Clock location and checking the time. 
  1. Head towards the Lemark District and Click E.
Lemark District Remnant 2
Heading to the Lemark District in Losomn. 
  1. Follow the route to the edge of the given  area at the same time as the Clock Tower (11:17 for us)
Lemark District Losomn Remnant 2
Entering the edge location in the Lemark District.
  1. Grab the Quest item Clockwork Pinion from the Wall Clock inside the location. 
Clockwork Pinion in Remnant 2
Grabbing the Clockwork Pinion from the wall clock location.
  1. Head towards the Top of the Tower and use the  Clockwork Pinion.
Broken Timepiece Remnant 2
Unlocking the Clocktower with the Clockwork Pinion.
  1. After completing the objective, grab the Broken Timepiece.
Broken Timepiece Remnant 2
Collect and equip the Broken Timepiece.

After collecting the Broken Timepiece, use the item to craft precious inventories.

Then, Players can use it to trade for a Time Lapse Weapon mod with McCabe in Ward 13. 

The Bottom Line

The Broken Timepiece is one of the precious crafting materials in Reamnant 2.

In addition, Players can extract the watch in the Lemark District in the Losomn end-point location. 

Finally, the watch can extract a Time Lapse weapon to increase its firing capability.

Hopefully, all the players will locate the Broken Timepiece item to grab the Time Lapse weapon to increase their chances in combats. 

Continue reading to learn how to open Gilded Chambers Locked Door and Corrupted Door in Remnant 2. 
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