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Like A Dragon Gaiden King Justice Boss Fight Guide

In Like a Dragon Gaiden, players must complete the third boss battle by fighting King Justice.

The Justice Fight is a part of Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, released on November 9, 2023.

In Like a Dragon Gaiden, the King Justice fight is not 1v1, as he will challenge you to a Hell Team Rumble where you must again defeat the 1st and 2nd bosses. To win this fight, form a strong team and clear all the enemies in the arena except Justice, then charge continuously at King Justice. 

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The Man Who Erased His Name Boss Fight

Like a Dragon Gaiden game introduces a new chapter in Act 4 called The Man Who Erased His Name.

In Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, you play the character of Kazuma Kiryu.

Kazuma Kiryu uses a unique fight technique called Yakuza to throw solid punches and kicks during battle.

In Act 4, you must engage in an intense battle with a group of fighters after completing the first and second boss fight.

These fighters are the Four Kings who are desperate to claim the throne of the Castle.

like a dragon gaiden
In Act 4, fight with 1st and 2nd boss.

The Four Kings are King Dan Brody, King Samejima, King Justice and King Ugain.

You must defeat them all to claim your throne in the castle and declare yourself a true leader among four kings.

When you defeat all four Kings, you can then progress to unlock the secret boss Amon in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

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How To Fight Against King Justice In Like A Dragon Gaiden?

You will face the boss, King Justice, in the third boss fight.

You can only fight King Justice after you defeat the first boss King Dan Brody and the second boss King Samejima.

Hence, you must go to the Coliseum Reception to find King Justice.

1. Engaging In A Hell Team Rumble 

After you meet King Justice, he will force you to engage in a group battle.

Furthermore, this group battle is a Hell Team Rumble, where you must defeat bronze, platinum, and gold enemies.

In this group battle, you must again defeat the first two bosses, along with King Justice.

kill dan broody
The King Justice fight is not 1v1, as he will challenge you to a Hell Team Rumble.

Defeating the three bosses on the same battlefield is difficult, so you must form a strong team.

Before entering the battle, select the agents who can give you strong defense and attacking abilities.

Besides, you must also select one agent with healing abilities to help you maintain your HP during the battle.

2. Eliminate King Dan Brody And King Samejima 

As you enter the arena with your team, you will find King Justice, Brody, Samejima, and other enemies.

In addition, King Dan Brody and King Samjima have comparatively less HP than in your 1v1 battle with them.

So it will be easier to defeat them if you collaborate with your team.

kill king samejhima
You must deplete most of the health of King Samjima to kill him.

When you deplete most of the health of King Dan Brody and King Samjima, give them a finishing blow to kill them.

However, the strongest of them all during this fight is King Justice, as this is the third boss fight.

3. Fight With King Justice At Last

King Justice has incredible attacking powers and a special purple laser light attack on his sleeves.

Furthermore, King Justice’s laser light is a powerful weapon that can knock you down instantly after contact.

laser power
King Justice has a unique purple laser light attack that can knock you down instantly

The Laser travels straight to a certain distance, so be careful; he can use it on you even from a particular range.

So, the strategy is to clear all the other enemies on the battlefield except Justice.

You must use your Yakuza on all the enemies and kill them with strong punches and kicks.

Additionally, you can use the rush combo to attack the enemies at high speed.

kill justice
You must not let Justice recover to win in Like a Dragon Gaiden King Justice Fight.

When your team wipes out all the enemies, you can focus on defeating Justice together.

You must attack Justice continuously, as he can replenish his health.

So to be victorious in the Like a Dragon Gaiden King Justice Fight, you must not let Justice recover.

When Justice uses the purple laser, make sure you dodge it every time.

The Bottom Line

The third boss fight with King Justice is definitely a tricky one, as you have to defeat three kings in the same arena.

Even though it may seem a little intimidating at first, you can easily work your way around it.

You just need to focus on clearing all the enemies and then team up to charge continuously at King Justice.

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