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How To Open Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Locked Door?

Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Locked Door can open by solving two torch puzzles.

Moreover, the Chamber is one of the best map locations in Remnant 2 at Losomn. 

Players can open Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Locked Door by solving the torch puzzle. The Gilded Chamber is located at the end-points of the Earth known as Losomn. 

Continue reading to discover the location and process of unlocking the Gilded Chambers Locked Door. 

What Is the Gilded Chamber?

The Gilded Chamber is one of the Dungeons in The Remnant 2.

Moreover, this location is home to one of the formidable bosses, The Red Prince.

Further, if Players are willing to Get to the Gilded Chamber location in Remnant 2, they should first unlock Losmon.

In addition, Losomn is one of the four end-points in the world called Losomn.

The Gilded Chamber is located inside The Great Hall. 

Further, Players need to solve the puzzle to unlock the Gilded Chamber door. 

What Is the Gilded Chamber Locked Door? 

Gilded Chamber Locked Door is just a door getaway mission to unlock exclusive items inside the Great Hall. 

Moreover, there is hidden access to unlock the door of the Gilded Chamber.

Players must solve different puzzles to earn a substantial inventory inside the Chamber.  

However, unlocking the Gilded Chambers Locked door is much more complicated than Players assume. 

It has a locked door that can only be opened by solving torch puzzles.

Furthermore, to solve that puzzle, you must have the torches on either side of the room turn white.

 Then, by aiming your weapon toward the torches in the Gilded Chambers, you can solve the puzzle of the torches.

Making all of the torches white is how Players can eliminate the problem.

Furthermore, Once the Players solve the complex puzzle, they can access the door.

Lastly, Gamers can hear the door indicator that the problems are solved and pick up the inventories. 

How To Open the Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Locked Door?

After completing the previous events, Players should pick up all the rewards to unlock the Gilded Chamber. 

  1. Head to the Gilded Chamber Location in Losomn and enter the Checkpoint.
How To Open Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Locked Door?
Enter the Checkpoint in the Gilded Chamber.
  1. Go towards a big Hall and shoot all the Five torches(order is purple-white-purple-purple-purple) on the right till it Becomes Purple. 
Torch in Glided Chamber
Shoot all the torches and make them purple.
  1. A door will be unlocked; continue the path and Grab Black Pawn Stamp.
Black Pawn Stamp Remnant 2
Collect the Black Pawn Stamp inside the room.
  1. For the torches on the opposite side, shoot the lights one by one unit. They turn all white(order is white-white-white-purple- white) from left to right.
How To Unlock Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Locked Door?
Solving the torch puzzle to convert them all white.
  1. Follow the next open door in the Gilded Chamber. 
How To Open Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Locked Door?
Heading towards the next unlocked door
  1. Kill the enemies on the way and pick up the White Pawn Stamp.
White Pawn Stamp Remnant 2
Collecting the White Pawn Stamp.

Players can craft the items in exchange for exclusive inventories. 

In contrast, the inventories can assist them in winning the combat against powerful and a getaway for future events. 

The Bottom Line

To Open Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Locked Door, Players must solve the Torch Puzzle Puzzle.

Furthermore, Players must locate the place in the Losomn end-points to extract exclusive rewards and inventories. 

At last, good luck in solving the Torch puzzle to receive a White and Black Pawn Stamp.

Continue reading to unlock Lament Locked Door and Titans Reach in Remnant 2.
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