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Buried Vault In Zaralek: Location Guide

Buried Vaultt is one of the mysterious caves in the World of Warcraft.

The location exists in the Sothern part of the Zaralek Cavern.

Buried Vault is situated in the map coordinate (50, 70) after players enter the Zaralek Cavern(50,80) cave. Further, to unlock the area, players must start the Medicinal Fungi mission and reach the A Room Without The View quest.

Continue reading to explore Buried Vault Zaralek and the process of entering the location in WoW.

Buried Vault Zaralek: Overview

Zralak Cavern is among the mysterious caves under the Dragon Isles, the land of dragonflights.

Moreover, Zralek is a location between Ohn’ahran Plains and Valdrakken, whose capital is Aberrus.

Zaralek Cavern unlocks a gateway to the Buried Vault, enclosed with blue crystals.

Hence, players must complete a quest to unlock all areas of the Vault.

The Buried Vault is also made of  Black Dragons, filled with aggressive watchers.

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How To Find Buried Vault Zaralek?

Players who are trying to explore the Buried Vault in Zaralek Caven follow the given procedure;

1. Follow the Icon

As the Buried Vault lies under Zaralek Cavern, players should initially make heir way to Caven.

The entrance point of the Cavern is provided in the image below;

wow map
Reach the arrow point in the map.

Players will reach the Fangured Pasture which unlocks a gateway to Cavern.

2. Reach The Cave

When making the way to Fangured Pasture, players shall locate Zaralek Cavern.

The Zaralek Cavern is located in the X-50 and Y-80 directions on the map.

Zralek cavern wow
Locate The Zaralek Cavern by heading straight from Pasture.

After heading straight, players will discover the Buried Vault’s new location.

The Vault is situated in the X-50 and Y-70  map points.

buried vault
Head straight from Zaralek Cavern to discover the Buried Vault.

If players reach the location before fulfilling a criteria, it will be filled with blue stones.

How To Unlock Buried Vault?

To find the insights of Buried Vault, players should start the Medicinal Fungi Quest.

medicinal fungi
Begin the Medicinal Fungi mission.

If players continue the quest line, they will unlock the A Room Without The View quest.

A Room Without The View buried vault zaralek
Reach the Buried Vault map coordinates by playing the A Room Without The View quest.

The mission appears in the exact map coordinates of Buried Vault in World of Warcraft.

In the quest, players can also get assistance from Rupert, the Gentlemen Elemental.

Players can continue the mission to collect Artifacts and receive 21 gold, six bronze and 75 silver currencies.

Moreover, players will also receive a Dragpnscale Expenditure Reputation.

The Bottom Line

Buried Vault is a mysterious closed location in the Zralek cave in WoW filled with artefacts and potent enemies.

To unlock the Vault, players should initially start the Medicinal Fungi quest and make their way to A Room Without The View,

In the mission, the player must protect Ruppert and fight against the gronn enemy.

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