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Burning Out In WoW: The Thorngale Chronicles

Burning Out is one of the quests in WoW provided by a non-player character called Solarys Thorngale.

This quest is about helping Solarys to find and reunite with her siblings.

Burning Out is a WoW quest where you meet Solarys Thorngale, who is trying to reunite with her siblings influenced by the Flame. Upon completing the quest, you will receive 28 gold, nine silver, and a passed torch.

Continue reading to learn more about burning out and how to complete the quest in WoW.

Burning Out In WoW

Burning Out is part of the Amirdrassil storyline and can be obtained from Solarys at the Central Encampment.

This quest involves helping Solarys Thorngale find her missing siblings, Thaeldus and Kery’nael.

However, you will find one of her siblings named Lyandris, lifeless, with a journal in her hand.

They have left the Flame and joined her at the Central Encampment.

Hence, the quest ends with Solarys and Kery’nael reflecting on their journey and the road ahead.

Solarys and Kery’nael
Solarys and Kery’nael reflect on their journey.
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How To Complete Burning Out In WoW?

By following these steps, you can complete the Burning Out quest in WoW:

1. Find Solarys Thorngale

Firstly, you must find Solarys Thorngale and talk to her to get the Burning Out quest.

She coordinates at the Central Encampment in Valdrakken [52.0, 63.6].

Then, Solarys will ask you to find her siblings: Lyandris Thorngale, Thaeldus Thorngale, and Kery’nael Thorngale.

2. Find Lyandris Thorngale

Head to Smoldering Copse, located southeast of Valdrakken coordinated [41.0, 55.0].

Likewise, you will find Lyandris Thorngale’s corpse at coordinates [38.0, 47.2].

Finally, examine her body to find a journal in her hands and interact with the journal, which confirms her death.

take the journal in burning out wow
Take the journal from Lyandris Thorngale’s corpse.

3. Find Thaeldus Thorgale

Continue to a cave at coordinated [34.8, 45.0] to find Thaeldus Thorngale meditating.

During the conversation with him, he will express his loyalty to the Flame.

You must defeat him in combat since he is hostile and will attack you.

4. Find Kery’nael Thorngale

Move further into the area and locate Kery’nael Thorngale at coordinates [38.7, 43.6].

Likewise, you can see and talk with him beside two fey hatchlings.

He will express his regret for his actions and decide to join his sister Solaris.

Now Return to Solarys, whom Kery’nael accompanies and inform her about what happened to her siblings.

 express his regret for his actions
Kery’nael Thorngale will express his regret for his actions.

Rewards After Completing The Quest

The rewards for completing the Burning Out quest in WoW are:

  • 28 Gold, 9 Silver and a passed torch
  • 150 reputation with Operation: Shieldwall
  • 675 experience and 75 reputations with Orgrimmar and Darkspear Trolls

However, these rewards may vary depending on the game version, the faction, and the level of the player.

 grant you 28 gold and 9 silver
Upon completing the quest, it will grant you 28 gold and nine silver.

The Bottom Line

Completing this quest will increase your reputation with the Amirdrassil faction.

This will lead to various benefits, such as access to unique faction-specific items and discounts.

Hence, you will receive a monetary reward upon completing the Buring out quest.

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