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What Is Cash App Chime Settlement?

In 2019, numerous users lost their access to the bank due to disruption from Chime.

However, Chime is currently facing a lawsuit for breach of privacy and disruption of service. 

Cash app users can earn a portion of the settlement from Chime. However, the users must fill out a form to make a claim, and depending on the information the user provides, the user can earn between $750 – $25 dollars from the settlement. 

This article will discuss the Cash app Chime settlement and its lawsuit.

What Is Cash App Chime Settlement?

Cash App Chime settlement is a class action lawsuit against Chime. 

The lawsuit is because of Chime’s inability to provide service to its users between 2019 October 16th and 19th.

Additionally, the lawsuit also mentions a breach of privacy for the users. 

The disruption of service caused many users’ transfers not to register and also breached privacy. 

Moreover, some users even lost a good amount of their money.

Various users also claim that they were not able to access any of their money for multiple days.

This posed more issues since their main source of income was through Chime. Because of this lawsuit, Chime is down by $1.5 Million dollars

Who Are Eligible For Cash App Chime Settlement?

The users between the dates 2019, October 16th and 19th, were eligible for the settlement.

However, there are certain prerequisites that you need to show as proof to be eligible. 

The proof that the users need to show some form of transaction between October 16th and 19th.

Since the app keeps track of the transactions, users can easily obtain the information and apply for compensation. 

cash app Chime Settlement
Cash App Chime settlement is a class action lawsuit against Chime. 

Additionally, users who can show the effect of the disruption will be eligible for $750.

In comparison, those who are not able to show the effect of disruption will only obtain $25.

This allows the company to properly provide the compensation settlement for the users who were actually affected by the disruption.

How To Apply For Cash App Chime Settlement?

Users can visit the website to register themselves for the settlement money.

However, the website for the settlement form and the information is different. 

Users must head to the settlement Richards service disruption website to register their claim. 

But, the information website redirects to the website containing the form.

You must provide the information on all the transactions between October 16th and 19th. 

Once you provide all the information, Chime will put you on a list to verify your claim.

After the verification process, Chime will either send you the claim amount or send you a mail denying your claim. 

The Cash App Chime settlement is due in 2023, however, the exact date is unknown. 

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The Bottom Line

A breach of privacy can cause serious damage. Especially if the breach directly connects to a means of your earnings.

However, the issue did not last for too long. But, the issue does raise the concern of this issue occurring later on in the future. 

Hopefully, this article can help you secure your accounts better and obtain a settlement for the mistake from Chime.

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