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How To See Your Threads Number?

Threads app number allows other users to find you on the application easily and allows other users to know which numbered user you are. 

The Threads number can signify prestige for some users if they have a lower Threads app number. Thus, if you want to know your Threads app number, you must access your Instagram profile.

This article will discuss how to create a Threads app account and view your Threads app number.

What Is Threads App?

Threads app is a text-first social media application that debuted on 6th July 2023. Furthermore, the application shares its developers with Instagram as well.

It is a direct competitor of the popular text-first social media Twitter.

This app also brings in its own innovation to improve upon the text-first social media genre.

Users can download the application from the store of IOS and Android.

Furthermore, users can use threads from its website, which is

However, Threads leans towards mobile applications than websites. Users can directly access the Threads app from Instagram as well.

What Is Threads Number?

The Threads number is a series of numbers that acts as an ID for users in the App.

The number also signifies the position the user obtained while signing up for Threads. 

Moreover, the number also acts as a form of prestige since a lower number means the users started using it before other users on the same platform.

However, there are rumors that the numbers may not be visible after crossing a certain number of users.

Moreover, it is just a rumor, and we will need to wait and see if they do it or not.

Continue reading to discover how to import Instagram followers to the Threads app and whether it shows who viewed your profile.

How To See Your Threads Number?

Your thread number is unique and permanent, and it helps you identify and join conversations with other users.

Funnily enough, all you need to do to see your Threads number is go into your Instagram profile.

However, if you are new to this Threads app and Instagram, we will go through a few steps to see your Threads app number.

Follow these steps to see your Threads app number;

  1. First, you will need to create an account in the Threads app.
  2. After you get your Threads account. Open your Instagram account.
Click on the profile option
Click on the profile option to access your profile on Instagram.
  1. Then, go to your profile. You will see your Threads account number below your Instagram name.
Threads app number below name
The Threads number is right below your name on Instagram.
  1. Clicking on the number will give you a dialog box notifying you about your Threads account number.
  2. Furthermore, it will also provide you the option to view your profile in Threads or even hide your badge.
Click on the threads number to access other options
Click on the threads number to view your threads profile or hide your badge.

Steps To Create Threads App Account

  1. First, go to your Instagram profile, then click the Hamburger Menu button on the top right corner.
  2. After you click on the button, a menu box will pop up. Here, you will see the Threads option right below the settings.
  3. Click on the Threads option, this will redirect you to the app store.
  4. Download the app, then load the application.
  5. After you load into the application, it will automatically connect to your Instagram account.
  6. Finally, you will have your Threads account.
Note: You cannot make a Threads app account without an Instagram account. However, it might change in the future.

The Bottom Line

Threads app number allows others to know when you joined the application.

However, the number allows other users to find you in the Threads app and follow you easily. 

Hopefully, this article can help you find your threads app number and share it with others to increase your followers.

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