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Where To Find Celestial Anomaly In Spine Of Keres?

The latest week of Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish brings a new Exotic weapon into the game for players to pursue.

Players must explore the Spine of Keres where Oracle Engine is located, to find the Celestial Anomaly and to equip the Wish-Keeper Exotic bow.

This week’s Celestial Anomaly is located at the Spine of Keres. However, players need to find the Celestial Anomaly to get the Wish-Keeper Exotic bow and shoot it at the stars to make a constellation, uncovering the secret message.

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An Overview Of Celestial Anomaly 

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish brought the new Wish-Keeper Exotic bow.

Wish-Keeper is a Strand bow that gains a faster draw time when you use it to damage suspended enemies.

Once you have visited the Marov at the Helm, you must head over to the Dreaming City.

However, to get the Wish-Keeper Exotic bow in the Constellation Lock quest you need to track down Celestial Anomalies.

Hence, you will find the Celestial Anomaly in the Spine of Keres in the Dreamlight City.

You must head to the Spine of Keres in the Dreaming City for the Constellation to uncover the hidden message.

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Spine Of Keres: Celestial Anomaly Location

The spine of Keres is the area just left off the Divalian Mists, the location of this week’s constellation for the Wish Keeper exotic Catalyst.

However, to locate the Celestial Anomaly you need to go through the Spine of Keres.

Upon exploring the Spine of Keres, follow the path to Rheasilvia.

Head to the Spine of Keres in the Dreaming City
Spot the light in the Dreaming City to find this week’s Celestial Anomaly.

Most players seem to be confused here, instead of moving towards the cave, turn to the left.

Moreover, move forward and follow the path until you find enemies.

As mentioned, the Spine of Keres is where the Oracle Engine is, you will come out at the entrance of the Oracle Engine.

From the entrance, move to the left, this path will lead you around the Oracle Engine.

Go across the bridge, you will spot a beam of light, indicating the location of a Celestial Anomaly,

Follow the path until you reach there and and grab Wish-Keeper to uncover the secret message of this Constellation.

Shoot on the sky with a bow
Shoot on the sky to make the constellation.

Now you must shoot your new Exotic bow at the stars above to make a constellation.

Upon shooting it, you will hear some dialogue from Mara, the Awoken Queen.

After this, you must return to the legendary Starcrossed mission and beat it on that difficulty.

Once you open the final chest, you should get another Wish-Keeper catalyst for your collection.

The Bottom Line

You must drop by the Spine of Keres in the Dreaming City to find this week’s Celestial Anomaly.

You must search for another constellation message like you found in the Overland in this location.

Hence, players need to shoot the stars with Wish-Keeper to activate a new message from Riven.

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