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New Dungeon Armor In Destiny 2: How To Get It?

New Dungeon Armor in Destiny 2 has numerous armors that have a unique identity and can be experienced in every season. 

Armor sets provide guardians an identity to discover themselves as a unique professional.

Among many armor sets available, recently launched armors allow users to experience its value. New Dungeon armor is available in Destiny 2 and looks exquisite for players who like to thrive.

Continue reading to learn more about New Dungeon Armor in Destiny 2 and various ways to get it.

What Are The New Dungeon Armors In Destiny 2?

You can unlock the new dungeon armor set for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock in Destiny 2.

The armors provide the identity of the guardians and have unique attributes and appearance.

New Dungeon armor is usually kept secret unless the Dungeon itself pops out. 

You can only witness individual armor pieces in the game, making it difficult to determine the armor you like the most.

The Dark Age armor sets help reveal the Dungeon’s theme and help deal with Iron Lords.

You can see a Warlock helmet, which seems very clean and pointed.

Similarly, in the boot, you can see the tiny hooks and claws at the bottom of them.

However, the passive benefits that armor presents seem fairly consistent for all classes, and Armor will grant you benefits.

The benefits, such as quicker reloading and boosting the damage, help accelerate cool-downs for other attacks.

You can heal yourself and also enhance the weapon’s strength using armor.

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How To Get New Dungeon Armor In Destiny 2?

There is a new legendary armor set released with Season of the Wish (S23).

Follow the steps below to get the new armor sets:

1. Participating In Seasonal Events

 You can obtain the armor set by participating in Seasonal events and focusing on seasonal Engrams.

Likewise, as with every other dungeon in Destiny 2, Warlord’s Ruin will feature a single armor set per class.

Usually, you have access to new items and cosmetics in Destiny 2 at the end of the last page.

2. Appearance Customization Category

Nevertheless, the Appearance customization category on the interface’s first or second page represents the armor selection.

Here, you can preview the complete Dark Age armor set according to the selected Guardian class. 

Using several customization features, you can prepare your character as you want.

Appearance customization page
Appearance Customizations of avatars in New Dungeon Armor Destiny 2.

List Of New Dungeon Armor In Destiny 2

While comparing all the armor on Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, it is seen that none of the classes are stronger or useless than the others. 

Here is the list of new dungeon armor in Destiny 2:

1. Severance Enclosure Armor

It is chest armor in Destiny 2 that helps unleash a damaging explosion and increases its radius and damage.

Using chest armor in Destiny 2 Titan class, one can easily build solid defenses with devastating power using various abilities. 

You can use features such as mobility, recovery, discipline, and strength as recovery against powerful targets. 

Severance enclosure
Players can use chest armor to guard the upper body. 

2. Peregrine Greaves Armor

It is a leg armor in Destiny 2 with a maximum power of 1810. The main perk of the armor is to deal with the various attacks.

You can shield the seismic strike hammer using the leg armor and deal with the bonus damage when activated.

It also provides a small benefit to the airborne effectiveness stat of all weapons.

Peregrine Greaves
Players can use Leg armor to protect their knees.

3. Wyrmguard Grips Armor 

Guardians can obtain this unique Wyrmguard Armor during Season of the Wish by winning special seasonal rewards. 

It comes with the unique Ascendant Protector perk, which increases vendor reputation for Spirit of Riven by 3% across the board. 

You can increase the bonus using each item of armor with this perk up to a maximum of 12% using four pieces.

Wyrmgard Grids
Grips for sticking the weapons.

4. Shards Of Galanor Armor

The main perk of this armor is that you can throw a knife to defeat the enemy. 

You can also use hits, final blows, and the Blade barrage to return super energy after the super ends.

Using shards of Galanor, you can blade barrage return hits and kill extreme power 50% super energy cap.

You can determine the amount of the refund on enemy rank, hits, and kills.

Shards Of Galanor
A player can throw a knife to defeat the enemy.

The Bottom Line

Wearing good armor increases your strength or intelligence, giving you the special power to weaken the enemies.

With the suits on, you can shorten the time until your special melee attack (STR) and super move (INT) cool down.

Armor in Dungeon in Destiny 2 shows all the references and qualities for enhancing the character’s ability in the game.

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