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Twisted Chantry Boss In Remnant 2: How To Defeat It?

The Twisted Chantry is a secret location in the Yaesha region of Remnant 2.

You can access it by finding a hidden switch in the Wailing Wood dungeon. The switch will open a door that leads to a portal to it.

In Yaesha, there is a dungeon called The Twisted Chantry, an evil location full of foes of the Root. The boss Legion a formidable Root foe who can be challenging to fight and resides in the dungeon.

This article will guide you on the Twisted Chantry boss in Remnant 2 and how to defeat it.

What Are Bosses In Remnant 2?

Bosses in Remnant 2 are challenging, distinctive foes you must fight to advance.

Moreover, they are unquestionably challenging but also offer a lot of rewards.

You will receive distinctive crafting ingredients from every monster.

Likewise, you may trade for potent Remnant 2 weapons and upgrades with Ava McCabe in Ward 13.

Furthermore, you may even receive unlockable qualities from some bosses, which will let you further hone your build.

Every world in Remnant 2 contains a variety of bosses.

However, it’s crucial to remember that you can’t confront them all in a single game session.

Additionally, you must enter Adventure Mode or reroll the campaign to beat them all because of the action-adventure game’s lax random number generator.

Therefore, you can adjust the difficulty for a more straightforward or challenging task.

Legion- A Twisted Chantry Boss In Remnant 2

Legion is a powerful boss in Remnant 2, which players encounter at Twisted Chantry Dungeon in Yeasha.

Also, this boss is perhaps the game’s most demanding early-game boss encounter.

Even though it’s a problematic encounter, you can easily win it if you thoroughly understand the bosses’ move sets.

Furthermore, having some seriously potent weaponry in your inventory would be best.

remnant 2 twisted chantry boss
Legion is a vicious enemy which you can defeat with a long-range gun.

Furthermore, it is a two-phase boss battle that can rapidly kill you if you’re not careful.

This conflict will require time, patience, and aggressive action to win because it has many moving parts and layers.

Here are some abilities of Legion:

  • Summons a horde of Root Enemies.
  • Damage-causing shockwave is produced.
  • Fires an energy beam with a high damage potential.
  • Causes the status effect of Madness, which does damage gradually.

How To Defeat Legion- A Twisted Chantry Boss In Remnant 2?

Legion is a demanding boss, but with careful preparation and execution, it may be defeated.

You can use a ranged weapon and avoid the horde of Root opponents.

Correspondingly, be ready to avoid the shockwave when Legion uses it.

Furthermore, you will have a good chance of beating this boss if you can roll out of the line of the energy beam.

Here you can defeat the Legion boss in the following ways.

1. Look Out For Projectile Attacks

Several red orbs will start to move in your direction.

Be careful because they will follow you until they touch the earth.

To minimize their damage, move or hide behind one of the improvised pillars on the platform to the right.

2. Use A Ranged Weapon

It can be challenging to hit Legion with melee weapons because he is a floating boss.

Hence, you can defend yourself from Legion’s attacks by using a ranged weapon to fight it from a distance.

3. Avoid The Shockwave

Shockwaves will be sent out throughout the entire arena by The Eye.

So, to avoid taking damage, you’ll need to time your dodge roll to pass past this right moment.

4. Focus On The Glowing Orbs

The weak points of Legion are the glowing orbs.

Therefore, you can significantly hurt the boss by directing your Fire toward these orbs.

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Additional Tips To Defeat Legion

The madness-inflicting phase, the Legion’s most deadly power, is also its most significant weakness.

If you can endure the damage caused by Madness, you can blast the glowing sections to deal a lot of damage to the boss.

However, if you want to go close to the boss without getting hurt, just go after the bright ring that encircles its throne and it.

High DPS ranged weapons are the most effective against the Legion.

Since hitting the flying orbs with melee weapons against this boss will be difficult, we strongly suggest you do so.

The Bottom Line

Legion is a challenging boss players encounter in the Twisted Chantry in Remnant 2.

It is possible to defeat it with careful planning and execution.

Similarly, you can use a ranged weapon to attack the Legion from a distance, focus on the glowing orbs, and dodge the shockwave.

Therefore, you’ll be able to defeat this boss and claim its rewards with patience and skill.

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