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Explore About The Celestial Nighthawk Buff In Destiny 2

Celestial Nighthawk is getting a buff this Season of the Wish in Destiny 2.

In addition, getting a buff is similar to getting a makeover in the gaming world.

Also, Celestial Nighthawk is an exotic armor present in Destiny 2.

The armor, which is a helmet piece, was first introduced in Season 1.

Celestial Nighthawk, an exotic helmet piece in Destiny 2, has a buff in the Season of the Wish. The buff has helped increase the Golden Gun damage by 25% and precision damage, granting super energy ranging from 1.5% to 4.5%.

This article explores the details of the Celestial Nighthawk and its buff this season.

Exotic Armors In Destiny 2

There are various sets of armor, both exotic and regular, present in Destiny 2.

In addition, these exotic armor pieces help to increase damage done to enemies and more.

Also, new exotic armor pieces get released every new season in the game.

Some of the exotic armor pieces present in the game are:

  1. Abeyant Leap – Leg Armor
  2. Actium War Rig – Chest Armor
  3. Aeon Safe – Gauntlets
  4. Antaeus Wards – Leg Armor
  5. Arbor Warden – Chest Armor
  6. Cadmus Ridge Lancecap – Helmets
  7. Citan’s Ramparts – Gauntlets

However, players are disappointed due to the little to no exotic armor released this Season of the Wish.

In addition, some exotic armors already present are getting buffs this season.

Furthermore, these buffs will help increase the damage and help improve the armor.

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What Is Celestial Nighthawk?

Celestial Nighthawk is an exotic helmet armor with benefits in Destiny 2.

In addition, the armor was first introduced in Season 1 of the game.

Since then, the armor piece has been forgotten, similar to many exotic armors of the game.

There are two ways you can gain the Celestial Nighthawk in Destiny 2.

Celestial Nighthawk
The Celestial Nighthawk is an exotic armor piece worn as a helmet.

You can either purchase the item or gain it as a reward for completing some quest.

Even though forgotten by many, the Celestial Nighthawk was one of the fan’s favorites.

The Celestial Nighthawk helps improve the damage done by the Golden Gun and grants super energy in return.

Also, it helped increase the damage done to enemies and the timeframe in which the super effect is active.

Furthermore, there are many builds that the players prefer for this exotic armor piece.

Celestial Nighthawk Buff 

The Celestial Nighthawk got a buff in the Season of the Wish of Destiny 2.

Here are some of the changes present for the Celestial Nighthawk this season.

  1. Improved Golden Gun impact damage by 25% which is very impressive.
Golden Gun
The Celestial Nighthawk can cause increased damage of 25% from the Golden Gun.
  1. Precision kills grant super energy, which ranges from 1.5% to 4.5%. So, you get extra super energy depending on the type of enemy you kill.
  2. The Golden Gun also gives you super energy if you kill the target shot by the Golden Gun.
  3. Granting super energy will help you get the Golden Gun faster, which can, in turn, help you take out the Champions.
  4. There is also increased boss damage; however, you will not be granted the super energy.

The Celestial Nighthawk is a helmet and should have been built with other armor pieces such as weapons, leg armor, chest armor, gauntlets, and more.

In addition, this build set with the Celestial Nighthawk can be helpful in your gameplay.

Here is a table containing the build information that goes best with Celestial Nighthawk.

Build FeatureArmor
Precision DamageGolden Gun
DodgeAcrobat's Dodge
Throwing KnifeKnife Trick
GrenadeHealing Grenade
Solar AspectOn your Mark and Knock 'em Down
Solar FragmentsEmber of Singeing, Ember of Torches, Ember of Searing, Ember of Solace, and ember of Empyrean
Solar MeleeKnife Trick
Weapon Bad Juju (Not specific)

These are all the build information that will help increase the damage you can do to the enemies.

Furthermore, mods will also help you play strategically and better in the game.

However, mods are a personal choice and completely dependent upon your playstyle.

So, feel free to pick and choose and decide which mods and even build for the Celestial Nighthawk is the best for you.

The Bottom Line

Destiny 2 contains various exotic and regular armor and weapons throughout the game.

In addition, the Celestial Nighthawk is one of the exotic armor and helmet pieces in the game.

It was first introduced in Season 1 but was forgotten by the players as the season went on.

However, along with the introduction to the Season of the Wish, Celestial Nighthawk has a buff.

The exotic armor now has many increased damage and more significant changes.

So, play the Season of the Wish and pick out the Celestial Nighthawk today!

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