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The Last Wish: 15th Wish In Destiny 2 Season Of Wish

Destiny 2, in its recent update, revealed the elusive last wish, called the 15th wish.

The last wish is mentioned in the cutscene, but its exact nature is unknown.

The 15th wish is introduced in the cutscene of Season of Witch. It is powered by the powerful egg Ahamkara. You need to complete the puzzle of Imbaru Engine to access this last wish in the Season of the Wish.

Continue to learn more about the 15th wish in Destiny 2, Season of Wish.

15th Wish In Destiny 2: An Overview

When you complete the final puzzle of the Imbaru Engine in Season of Witch, you get access to Season of the Wish.

The final cutscene of Imbaru Engine hinted at the game’s 15th wish.

It is a five-year-old mystery initially launched with the Forsaken expansion and The Last Wish Raid.

15th wish in Destiny 2.
A pattern in Savathun’s wing indicates the 15th wish in Destiny 2.

During the cutscene, the design pattern on Savathun’s wings indicates that she’ll grant the last wish in the new season.

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Steps To Solve Imbaru Engine Final Puzzle

If you want to get access to the 15th wish in Destiny 2, you must solve the Imbaru Engine Puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, you must go into the altars of summoning.

Then, you can collect the final opaque card that allows you to enter the Imbaru Engine.

Further, the step-wise process to solve the puzzle is given below:

1. Collect The Opaque Card

Opaque cards are needed to process further in the Imbaru engine puzzle.

When you load into the altars, you can go to the specific battle area to acquire the card on top of the pillar.

Opaque Card at Altars of Summoning.
Opaque Card on top of the pillar in the Altar.

The opaque card you get is the Deck of Whispers you should decrypt next.

2. Decrypt Card At Helm

From the altar, go towards Helm to decrypt the card at the Atheneum.

To do this, you must have completed the previous weeks in the Imbaru Engine.

Decrypting Opaque card at Helm.
You can decrypt the opaque card at the Helm.

Only after you decrypt the card at Helm you can enter the Imbaru Engine. 

3. Enter Imbaru Engine And Attune Flame

After you get to the Navigator puzzle, there is a portal on the left.

When you enter the portal in the Imbaru Engine, you can attune your flame recipticles.

Attune flame at the Imbaru engine.
Enter the Imbaru engine portal to Attune Flame.

You should attune the flame before collecting the relevant flames needed to ignite them.

4. Collect Flames

The next step is to collect the flames as they are needed to ignite in Spire.

The first flame is found at the Altar of Summoning, while the second is in Savathun Spire towards the end.

Lastly, the third is in the Imbaru Engine Chest Room.

5. Ascend Spire And Light Three Flames

After you complete all the steps, go back to the top of the Spire in the Imbaru Engine.

Then, place the three flames you have acquired, which will open a new room.

Solving last puzzle in Imbaru Engine.
Solving the last puzzle in the new room Imbaru Engine.

In the brand-new room, you have to solve the last puzzle.

6. Complete The Final Puzzle

Here, you need to find the truth and lies puzzle solution.

The simple solution to this puzzle is 1,4,5,7,9,12, and 13, which will again open a new room.

Further, inside the room, you’ll find an Ahamkara egg from Riven.

The Bottom Line

Overall, all the players of Destiny 2 are excited about the new Season of the Wish giving the 15th wish.

Players have been waiting for the last wish for the past five years.

Now that it’s finally here, you get to experience the new season and the last wish on November 28th.

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