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How To Complete The Flower Power Quest In Dreamlight Valley?

In the game Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can wander through a lovely city packed with various challenges and crafting opportunities.

There are a lot of quests in the game and the Flower Power is one of them.

You can complete the Flower Power quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley by collecting blue glass-like flowers from the plains, orange birds of paradise from the docks and courtyard, green fly traps from the grasslands and promenade, and engaging in conversation with Mickey and Merlin.

Continue reading about the Flower Power and the process of completing the quest in Dreamlight Valley.

What Is The Flower Power Quest In Dreamlight Valley?

Dreamlight Valley is an enchanting game where players embark on exciting quests.

One such quest is the Flower Power, which is exciting, and players are looking for ways to complete this quest.

Additionally, in this quest, players must successfully gather :

  • Blue glass-like flowers from the plains
blue flower power
Collect Blue glass-like flowers.
  • Orange birds of paradise from the docks and courtyard
orange bird flower power
You can find these flowers in the courtyard.
  • Green fly traps from the grasslands and promenades
green fly trap flower power
These are the green fly trap flowers.

Further, it involves exploring different areas, collecting these unique flowers, and then delivering them to Merlin for experiments.

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The Flower Power Quest In Dreamlight Valley: A Quest Guide

Furthermore, to complete the flower power quest, follow these steps:

1. Initiate the Quest

Firstly, open the promenade to activate the quest.

Further, it may trigger itself upon entering this area.

Then, you must engage in conversation with Mickey where he will ask for your help.

Likewise, Mickey will ask you to collect some rare flowers for Minnie, which is the objective of this quest.

2. Collect Blue Glass-like Flowers

Further, head to the plains and waste areas to find blue glass-like flowers.

Similarly, pick up all flowers in the area to increase the chances of spawning blue ones.

3. Find Orange Birds of Paradise

To find the Orange Birds of Paradise, navigate to the docks and courtyard.

Further, locate and collect orange birds of paradise.

4. Gather Green Fly Traps

To gather the green fly traps, explore the grasslands and promenade.

Look for green fly traps and pick them up.

Moreover, they are easily visible so you don’t need to search a lot.

5. Return to Mickey

After collecting everything, you must bring all the collected flowers back to Mickey.

mickey flowers give
Give the collected flowers to Mickey.

6. Meet Merlin

After you bring them to Mickey, he will express doubts about the flowers.

However, he doesn’t want to give them to Minnie and now instructs you to take the flowers to Merlin for experiments.

7. Complete the Quest

Locate Merlin and engage in conversation to complete the Flower Power quest.

Moreover, after speaking to Merlin, the quest is complete.

Following these steps should help you successfully navigate and complete the Flower Power quest in Dreamlight Valley.

The Bottom Line

The Flower Power quest might be tricky for some players as the flowers require magic.

But, if players spend time looking around and go to where the flowers are gathered, they can get the flowers fast.

Hopefully, this article is helpful to you for completing this quest.

Happy Gaming!

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