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Centurion Arsenal In Starfield: Sell Your Loot

Are you looking for the best weapons and armor in Starfield?

Then you can visit Centurion Arsenal, the store that sells everything you need to survive in the galaxy.

Travel to New Atlantis using your ship or a fast travel point to reach the Centurion Arsenal starfield. Then, use the Trade Authority Kiosk to mark Centurion Arsenal as your destination. Finally, follow the map marker and enter the store.

Continue reading to learn how to reach the Centurion Arsenal in Starfield.

What Is Centurion Arsenal In Starfield?

Centurion Arsenal is a store that specializes in weapons and armor.

It sells various items, such as rifles, pistols, shotguns, grenades, swords, shields, helmets, and suits.

Generally, Centurion Arsenal is one of the best places to sell your loot.

It has a lot of credits and a high demand for weapons and armor.

Centurion Arsenal is located on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System

Contrarily, it is situated in the city of New Atlantis, which is one of the major cities in Starfield.

New Atlantis is a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis.  

It serves as the primary operating base of Constellation and the capital of the United Colonies

centaurian arsenal sarfield
Centurion Arsenal is one of the best places to sell your loot.

How To Reach Centurion Arsenal In Starfield?

To reach Centurion Arsenal in Starfield, you must go to New Atlantis.

Here is some guidance you can follow to reach the Centurion Arsenal.

1. Travel To New Atlantis

New Atlantis is a planet in the Centauri system.

It is one of the four major factions in Starfield.

However, players should travel to New Atlantis using their ship or a fast travel point.

2. Trade Authority Kiosk

Once you land on New Atlantis, you will be next to a Trade Authority Kiosk. There, you can sell or buy items.

You can also use this kiosk to access the map of New Atlantis.

Additionally, you can mark Centurion Arsenal as your destination.

3. Centurion Arsenal store

Follow the map marker and head towards the Centurion Arsenal store.

It is located in the central district of New Atlantis.

It is found near the central plaza and the embassy building.

4. Enter The Store

Finally, enter the store and talk to the vendor.

You can buy or sell weapons and armor here.

The vendor has 12,500 credits and offers a variety of items.

These items include pistols and rifles, helmets, and suits.

weapons in store
You can find various weapons in store.

What Does Centurion Arsenal Offer?

The Centurion Arsenal store has 12,500 credits and offers a variety of items for different playstyles.

Some of the items you can find there are:

1. Plasma Rifle

A Plasma Rifle is a high-tech weapon that fires bursts of plasma that can melt enemies and objects.

It has a high damage output but a low rate of fire and accuracy.

2. Laser Pistol

Laser Pilot is a compact and reliable weapon.

It fires beams of laser that can pierce through armor and shields.

Contrarily, it has a low damage output but a high rate of fire and accuracy.

3. Power Armor

Power Armor is a suit of armor that enhances your strength, speed, and durability.

It also protects you from radiation and environmental hazards.

However, it requires a power cell and can be customized with different modules.

4. Stealth Suit

A Stealth Suit is a suit of armor that makes you invisible to enemies and sensors.

Additionally, it reduces your noise and heat signatures.

It requires stealth cells to operate and can be upgraded with different gadgets.

The Bottom Line

Centurion Arsenal is a store that sells weapons and armor in New Atlantis, one of the biggest cities in Starfield.

However, it is a great place to find the best items for your character, whether you prefer pistols or rifles, helmets or suits.

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