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Best Place To Buy Ships In Starfield

Players can buy or build a variety of Ships in Starfield.

Furthermore, players can customize the Ships from different Ship Technicians in different Places.

The Best Place To Buy the Ships In Starfield depends on the Ships players are looking for and the location of the Best Ship in the game. You can find them in the Ship Technician of New Atlantis, The Key, Akila City, Neon City, and Paradiso.
Continue reading the article to discover what they are and which is the Best Place to buy Ships.

Who Are The Ship Technicians?

Ship Technicians are the NPCs you will find in every planet Ship port.

However, they are most likely found in highly populated locations like significant cities.

Players will find these Technicians immediately after landing on the Planet’s spaceport.

They usually stand near Trade Authority Kiosks; others can be at the office just off the landing pad.

You can mostly see the Ship service sign outside the office of the Ship technician.

How To Buy The New Ships?

Players can Buy new Ships whenever they head to one of the main cities in the inhabited system, such as New Atlantis, Akila, Neon, or Jemison.

As soon as you land in the city, head to the Ship Service Technician nearby, talk to them.

First, they will provide information about the Planet and then display a menu where you can get your Ship repaired or Buy a new Ship in exchange for some credits.

Ship Technician
Players can easily find the Ship technician once they land on the Planet.

Players will see at least four or five Spaceships every time they enter the buying menu.

Furthermore, each planet Ship technician has different and unique Ships you can buy.

Therefore, it is worth going to every city you can find and selecting the Ship you prefer the most.

However, The Ship is one of the most expensive items in the game, so carefully explore the Ship before buying it.

Also, remember that the Ships are ranked from A, B, and C, and you must increase your skill to drive a B or C-type spaceship.

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Best Place To Buy Ships In Starfield

Many players might be confused about the Best Place to Buy Ships.

Here are some places with the Best Ships in Starfield;

1. Paradiso

Paradiso is the Place located at the Porrima II in Porrima Star.

Moreover, this is the Best Place to Buy Ships if you need a powerful damage dealer.

As you land on the Paradiso, head to the Trade Authority Kiosk near the landing pad.

There, you will find the Ship service Technician with unique but expensive Ships on sale.

Paradiso, located at the Porrima II, is one of the Best locations to Buy Ship.

The Ships you can get on are the Paradiso Abyss Trekker, Carry All II, Crimson Fleet Haunt, Rambler II, Renegade, and Sunsai II.

Many players in Starfield have considered the Abyss Trekker the Best fighter Ship.

Rather than that, it is the C-class beast with a highly robust hull and a high-power shield.

It cost about 345,000. So, purchasing it can be a good investment for your firepower.

Besides this, you can also go for the Renegade, the most well-rounded Ship in Starfield.

And it cost about 300,000 credits.

2. New Atlantis

New Atlantis is located on the Planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.

As you land on the Paradiso, head to the Ship service Technician who will provide you with unique and expensive Ships on sale.

This Place also contains Ships with affordable prices for new players.

You can get other Ships on the New Atlantis: Ramber, Glileo, Responder, Gladius, Sparrow, Econohaul, and Shieldbreaker.

In this Place, the Best Ship you can Buy is Shieldbreaker.

It is a Class B Spaceship with an incredibly robust hull and packs with a storage of 2200.

This is an all-rounded Ship has while handling itself in a fight, which costs 279,000 credits.

Best Place To Buy Ships
The Map of New Atlantis is located on planet Jemison.

3. The Key

This Planet is located in the Kryx system.

As you land on The Key, head to a Ship service Technician in a building who will provide you with unique and expensive Ships on sale.

The Ships you can get on The Key are Crimson Fleet Haunt, Crimson Fleet Ghost, Crimson Fleet Phantom, and Crimson Fleet Wight II.

In Starfield, Crimson Fleet Wight is one of the Best defensive Ships in the game, making it the Best Place to Buy the Ship.

Furthermore, this Ship can be purchased for 300,000 credits, and you need to be a member of Crimson Fleet to Buy it.

Best Place To Buy Ships
The map shows the Location of The Key at the Kryx system.

4. Akila City

This location provides one of the Best Ships, Watchdog III, making this one of the Best Places to Buy Ships.

You can purchase this Ship for 160,000.

Along with Watchdog III, this Place has other Ships such as Watchdog, Ranger, Pik Up, Thesar, Achilles, Econohaul, Kfir, and Stronghold.

You can explore other places or planets to find other types of Ships that fit your playstyle.

Best Place To Buy Ships
Akila city Map at Akila planet on Cheyenne system.

The Bottom Line

There are various Ship technicians in various plants with rare and unique Ships on sale.

The Best Place to Buy Ships can vary according to players’ ability to pay and gameplay.

Therefore, the player should explore every possible Planet to find the Best Ship that suits their playstyle.

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