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How To Change Language And Name In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2 Language refers to the in-game text and spoken dialogue used to communicate with players.

Whereas, name refers to the username or display name chosen by a user to identify themselves on the platform.

Changing bot language and name is possible in the game as it’s a steam game and everything is editable.

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What Is Language And Name In Helldivers 2?

Language and name is the feature in Helldivers 2 to set your game text and display name according to your preference.

Helldivers 2 is a Steam game which means that all the profile and language controls are associated with Steam.

There are no in-game settings in the game that can be used to change both language or name.

Therefore, you need to understand that choosing the Steam language and profile name will also change the game’s settings.

Overall 29 languages are available to choose in the option including the English language.

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Ways To Change Language In Helldivers 2?

Changing language in Helldivers 2 requires you to access the Steam settings where you need to follow certain steps.

So, to change the Language Settings in Helldivers 2 follow these Steps.

  1. Go to your Steam Library
  2. Find Helldivers 2 in the list
  3. Select the game
  4. Right-click the selected properties
  5. In the properties, you’ll find the Language category for the game
  6. Select it and choose the language according to your preference

Hence, make sure to hit Apply after selecting the language to save the changes and launch the game with the language.

Change Language in Helldivers 2
Choose the language of your preference and save it in steam to change the language in Helldivers.

Ways To Change Name In Helldivers 2

Similarly, Helldivers 2 is a Steam Platform-associated game and the profile on the steam is the profile reflected in the game.

This means to change the in-game name in the game, you have to change the name in the Steam Profile.

To change the name in Helldivers 2 follow these steps:

  1. From the drop-down menu click “profile”
  2. On the right-hand side of your Steam profile click “edit profile”
  3. Under the general settings tab look for “profile name” 
  4. Change the name according to your will as you want to display it in the game

Moreover, make sure to save the changes after editing the Steam profile and launch the game after saving it.

If the name doesn’t change make sure to restart steam as sometimes the changes may take time to load in the game.

Change Name in Helldivers 2
Remeber that changing name in Steam will apply in all games that you have in you library.

Why To Change Language And Name?

Changing language and name is an international feature as it increases the comfortability of playing games.

There are many players around the world and personalizing the game to their preference is the best way to show gratitude.

Moreover, changing their name also grants them a unique identity in the game through which others can identify them.

Some reasons to change the language and name in Helldrivers 2 are:

1. Accessibility

Not everyone speaks the same language as everyone has their language and ways of communicating.

So, having the option to change allows players to enjoy the game in a language they’re most comfortable with.

2. Understanding

Sometimes, the default language of a game may not be the player’s native language.

Therefore, this can make understanding instructions, dialogue, and text challenging, and changing options comes in handy.

3. Personalization

Your in-game name is like your digital identity in Helldivers 2 that separates you from others.

Hence, changing your name allows you to express yourself and create a unique persona within the game.

4. Community Interaction

Your in-game name is how other players will identify you during multiplayer matches and interactions.

Choosing a recognizable name can help you stand out and forge connections with other players in the community.

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