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Is Michael Salvatori Sacked By Destiny 2?

Michael Salvatori is a well-known composer who has worked with multiple giants, including Bungie’s Destiny 2.

However, according to many reports, he has been laid off from Bungie.

The official X handles of the Bungie CEO: Pete Parsons, Destiny Tracker and Salvatori’s official website status conclude the sack rumor of Michael Salvatori is indeed true. However, there is no official statement from the CEO nor the Bungir handle about the composer’s case.

Continue reading to learn about Michael Salvatori and Destiny 2’s collaboration and the possibility of Michael’s sack.

Michael Salvatori’s Relation With Destiny 2

Michael Salvatore has been working with Destiny 2′ developers Bungie for more than 25 years.

Moreover, the 54-year-old has worked on a total of 21 projects for Bungie company.

The famous composer started his journey with Bungie in 1997, Myth: The Fallen Lords.

Further, his last work with the company was in Destiny 2: Lightfall 2023. 

The American composer has worked continuously with Destiny from 2017 to 2023, engaging in 13 projects.

Thanks to Michale’s excellent composing skills and longevity, he has gained a massive fan base around the globe.

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Michael Salvatori Destiny 2 Sack: Truth or Hoax

Lately, Bungie has sacked multiple employees, including the two community managers, Liana Ruppert and Sam Bartley.

The manager’s official shared their views on their shock sack on their X(Previously Twitter) accounts.

Unimaginably, Bungie has taken an even more massive step to lay off its popular music figure Michael Salvatori.

The news spread like wildfire in gaming communities around Steam and Reddit, as it was not officially confirmed.

After the official X announcement from the Destiny2 tracker, the news looks confirmed.

michael salvatori destiny 2
Destiny Trcker’s response on Salvatori’s possible sack.

However, the official Bugie handle nor the CEO, Bungie Pete Parson, have yet to give their view on the matter of Michael Salvatory.

Nonetheless, the CEO has provided a Tweet on the overall sack of the employees at Bungie.

michael salvatori destiny 2
Pete Patter’s final goodbye to the sacked employees in X.

After multiple employees provided details of their sacking, it looks like Bungie is not stopping soon.

The Legendary composer deserved at least a good farewell, having worked for Bungie for over 25 years, in case he is sacked.

Further, Michael Sakvatori’s official website has updated its status from mentioning his work at Bungie to Gone Fishin’.

However, without the official confirmation of Bungie, it is better not to make the final decision.

If the sacking news is accurate, it is definitely a huge loss for Bungie and their upcoming projects.

The matter may be connected with personal reasons or pay-cut issues, as Bungie is on a rampage, sacking its employees.

The Bottom Line

The sack news of Michael Salvatori has made the gaming communities furious, and they are questioning Bungie’s unnecessary step.

Having contributed so much to Destiny, Destiny 2 and Halo and spent more than a quarter of his life, Michael Salvatori deserved better.

Hopefully, another gaming giant will contact the composer soon, and fans can experience and appreciate his work again.

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