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Helldivers 2 Best Starting Primary Weapons And Guns

In Helldivers 2, players should master the usage of the different guns and properly utilize them during the battle.

Similarly, players can equip various guns like rifles and shotguns to exotic plasma weaponry in HellDivers 2.

With teamwork and good weapon skills, players can beat the alien enemies and save Super Earth in the game.

Continue reading to find out more about guns in Helldivers 2 that you can use to win battles.

Picking Right Guns In Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, you’ll be in a third-person view, who will be battling to protect Super Earth from space enemies.

To do this, you’ll need to pick the right weapons and play with smart strategies.

Hence, knowing your weapons and picking the best gun for winning battles and surviving in the game is important.

Helldivers 2 has lots of different weapons to choose from, and each has its own playstyle and purpose.

Available Guns In HellDiverse 2
Players can equip the vast range of guns in Hell Divers 2 to thrive in the game.

Players can pick traditional guns or fancy plasma weapons to suit their playstyle.

Hence, you can have numerous options to customize your loadouts for maximum effectiveness on the battlefield.

Additionally, Helldivers 2 introduces team-based weapons in the game, where players must work together to use the weapons effectively.

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What Are Primary Weapons In Helldivers 2?

Primary weapons are super important in Helldivers 2 because they’re your main tools for fighting enemies.

Rifles are great all-around weapons in Helldivers 2 which are good for shooting enemies from far away with accuracy and power.

Whether you’re attacking or defending, rifles are dependable and can handle different types of fights.

Likewise, if you like getting up close and personal during fights, shotguns are your best bet in Helldivers 2.

Blasting with HellDivers 2 Guns
Players can use rifles, shotguns, and plasma weapons to win battles in Helldivers 2.

Shotguns are perfect for short-range fights and can deal massive amounts of damage to enemies in close range.

However, shotguns are not good for shooting long-range enemies, so you must get close enough to enemies to make the most of shotguns.

Plasma weapons are cool guns that provide unique and powerful capabilities on the battlefield.

They shoot energy instead of bullets, which means they can punch through enemy armor and cause a lot of damage.

Best Starting Primary Weapons In Hilldivers 2

When you’re just starting in Helldivers 2, picking the right guns can really make a difference.

So, here are some good choices for primary weapons in Helldivers 2.

1. Standard Rifle

The standard rifle is a solid choice when you’re just beginning your Helldivers 2 journey.

Furthermore, it gives players decent damage output and accuracy in different battle situations.

Hence, it is an excellent choice for players who are still learning how to play the game.

2. Light Shotgun

The light shotgun is perfect for getting up close and personal with enemies.

Furthermore, it is a close-range powerhouse which allows players of Helldivers to win battles in tight spaces.

The Light shotgun has high burst damage that can quickly damage enemies at close range, making it ideal for aggressive playstyles.

3. Basic Plasma Pistol

The basic Plasma pistol is also the best primary weapon to use for battles in Helldivers 2.

Furthermore, the Basic plasma is a reliable weapon as it has unlimited ammunition.

It can shoot energy blasts that can go through enemy armour making it perfect for challenging encounters.

As its ammo never runs out, you can keep blasting enemies away without worrying about reloading.

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