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Character AI Filter Petition To Add NSFW Toggle

Character AI filter petition is a term that refers to one or more online campaigns that seek to change the way Character AI.

If you are a fan of Character AI, you may have noticed that the website has become less fun and more frustrating due to the NSFW filter.

Character AI users have started petitions to demand that the platform either remove the NSFW filter or add a toggle to allow users to choose between two options.

In this article, we will look at the reasons behind the petition to remove or toggle the filter and the impact of the filter on Character AI performance.

What Is Character AI NSFW Filter?

Character AI allows you to generate and interact with fictional characters using artificial intelligence and handles content unsuitable for work or minors.

It has a feature called an NSFW(Not Safe For Work) filter that prevents the AI from generating or responding to inappropriate content.

However, some users are unhappy with the filter and claim it is too restrictive, censoring and limiting their creativity and expression.

Currently, there is no option to turn on or off the NSFW filter on Character AI. This is why users demand adding toggles on it.

Note: A toggling option is a feature that allows users to switch between two setting modes with a single click.

Purpose Of Character AI Filter Petition

The main purpose of the Character AI filter petition is to allow users to control their AI experience without any censorship or restriction.

Petitioners claim the filter is too limiting and obstructs the AI performance.

The petitioner wishes to be free to choose whether they want to enable or disable NSFW filters on Character AI.

Additionally, they claim that the NSFW filter is extreme and unproductive.

However, several users have advised how to get around the Character AI filter.

Petition To Add NSFW Toggle

Character AI’s mission is to make AI available to everyone with personalized superintelligence permits.

Some people believe that Character AI has great potential for people who like casual and erotic literature.

Users have created petitions on demanding the removal of the filter or adding a toggle option for the filter.

How To Sign Character AI Filter Petition?

Signing petitions on is very simple. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. First, find the petition you want to support. You can find some examples below.
  2. Click the Sign this Petition button.
  3. Then, enter your First and Last name and your Email address.
Character AI filter petition
Enter your name and email to sign the petition.
  1. Choose any option to Share the petition link or Contribute a chip.
choose anyof the option
You can sign for the Character AI filter removal petition.
  1. Share the petition with others who might be interested. You can use social media, email, or other platforms to spread the word.
share link on various platform
Character AI has added filters for the user’s safety.

This is how you can successfully sign a petition on

Character AI Filter Petition Signed By Users

Over 27,000 people have signed Tobias Blanco’s petition on to remove NSFW filters as of April 18, 2023, indicating that many users want to have the option to access NSFW content.

This petition has become one of the top signed on the Change website.

tobias petition
Tobias Blanco’s petition on to remove AI NSFW filters.

Around 371 people have signed the Artifical Advocate petition demanding a toggle for the NSFW filter on Character AI.

artificial advocate petition
Artificial Advocate demanding a toggle for the NSFW filter.

Around 284 people have signed the Matthew Longest petition demanding to make Character AI filter-free.

Matthew petition
Matthew’s petition demanding to make Character AI filter-free.

Likewise, many users have signed a petition to remove the NSFW filter, stating that it interferes with their personal preferences and enjoyment of the website.

The Bottom Line

Users are unsure if the petition will succeed. It depends on how the developer of Character AI responds to the users’ feedback and demands.

Furthermore, it depends on how many users sign the petitions and how strongly they voice their opinions.

Hopefully, the developers will listen to the users’ voices and find an appropriate solution that satisfies both parties.

Read on to learn how essential character AI guidelines are.
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