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Essential Character AI Guidelines To Consider

Character AI is bringing your favorite characters into reality with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

You can create any fictional or living characters and chat with them conversationally, but you need to consider some guidelines while using the Character AI.

Some Character AI guidelines you should consider are age restrictions, community standards, content you share and creating off-topic posts. Avoid using Character AI for creating malicious content or transmitting any content which is abusive, pornographic and vulgar.

Continue reading to know the details about the guidelines and privacy policy of Character AI and things to avoid while using Character AI.

What Is Character AI?

Character AI is developed by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, former developers at Google’s LaMDA.

It is a full-stack AGI( Artificial General Intelligence) Company that allows us to create AI-generated Fictional characters.

Furthermore, it uses the neural language model to generate human-like text responses and interact conversationally.

Introduction to Character AI
Character AI shows the featured characters on its homepage.

You can create, train and deploy custom AI characters such as virtual assistants, chatbots, etc.

In Which Model Does Character AI Work?

Character AI uses the GPT model developed by OpenAI.

As mentioned above, Character AI uses the neural network model, the GPT-2 model developed by OpenAI.

Furthermore, the GPT-2 model has a transformer architecture that analyzes the input sequence of words and generates new text based on that input.

The GPT model used in Character AI
Character AI uses GPT-2 model.

Moreover, in the core of the language model, it first trains on large amounts of data.

Those data include millions of examples of written texts such as articles, blogs and research papers.

Once the model is trained, the developers present a prompt and produce a response based on the data of the training process.

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What Are The Guidelines For Character AI?

It is exciting to have a conversation with your favorite celebrities or fictional characters using the Character AI.

However, it would be best to consider the community guidelines of Character AI while using it.

Some of the guidelines which are worth considering are as follows.

1. Age Requirement

You are not allowed to use the service if you are under 13 years or an EU(European Union) resident under 16 years.

This includes all the services and community sections of the Character AI.

2. Community Standards

Users must have discussions without resembling personal attacks on other users and the developer teams.

Furthermore, keep the community free from harassment, bullying and dysfunctional behavior.

3. Disallowed Contents

You are not allowed to post that contains similar content or feedback.

And, if you post content regarding changes in the system, it will be discarded as it is already in the Announcements or FAQ section.

Furthermore, external links in the comment or posts are also not allowed.

4. Off-Topic Posts

Your posts must be relevant to the Character AI without any self-promotion or promotion of other tools.

However, you can compare other AI technologies with Character AI with high relevancy.

5. Security

You should not post suggestions for misusing the Character AI and circumventing site controls.

Furthermore, these guidelines do not contain an inclusive list of (TOS) Terms of Service and Privacy policies.

What Should You Avoid Using Character AI For?

The TOS(Terms of Service) clearly states some conditions you must comply with.

You should avoid using Character AI for:

  • Creating malicious or abusive content or any content that violates the Character AI policy.
  • Reverse engineering or gaining access to its services’ source code unless it releases as an open source.
  • Promoting any criminal activities or providing instructive information about illegal activities.
  • Advertising and buying or selling of goods for any business in Character AI.
  • Uploading any content that contains computer viruses can destroy the computer’s functionality.
  • Transmitting any content that is abusive, unlawful, pornographic, vulgar and hatefully racial.

If authorities find users violating these conditions, termination of the account and reporting to the applicable law enforcement will be executed.

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Does Character AI Preserve Our Privacy?

Along with the guidelines and protocols of Character AI, one should concern about the privacy policy.

Before using the services with our personal information, you should review the privacy policy.

Furthermore, using the services of Character AI is an indication of agreeing to the privacy policy, it consists following terms.

1. Collects Personal Information

Character AI collects your personal information through communication channels, social media pages, and cookies.

If you communicate with Character AI, it can collect names, contact information and contents of the messages.

Furthermore, Character AI has social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.; interacting with those pages will send information you elect to provide.

Moreover, it also collects information through cookies, logs data and analytics.

2. Uses Personal Information

Character AI can use our personal information for the following purposes.

  • To inform about the new features of the Character AI.
  • To respond to your queries.
  • To prevent fraud and other illegal activities.
  • To inform about the changes in policies, terms and conditions.

The services of Character AI may contain links to other websites, including social media sites.

Therefore, the information you share with third-party sites is governed by the terms and policies of that specific third-party sites.

Therefore, you should be careful linking your personal information to those sites.

4. Changes To The Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the Character AI changes periodically, so you should keep an eye on these changes.

However, the system will also post an update if any changes are made, but you should revise the Privacy Policy time-to-time.

Therefore, Character AI can collect and use our information through different mediums, but we can choose to limit or preserve that information.

The Bottom Line

Character AI provides excellent service for creating characters and chatting with them as in a real-life conversation.

However, while using Character AI, you must follow the community standards, privacy policy and terms of service.

Furthermore, following those policies will secure your privacy and keep you stay on the safe side.

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