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Hazbin Hotel Hide Away: A Controversial Video

The Hide Away music video has been a topic of discussion due to the investment to produce it.

The video is by a content creator, Verbalase, and features a character, Charlie, from the Hazbin Hotel.

The controversial Hide Away animated music video from Hazbin Hotel, commissioned by Verbalase for around $50,000, has stirred mixed reactions with its explicit content and high budget and sparked online discussions and memes.

In this article, we will discuss the controversy of Hide Away from Hazbin Hotel.

What Is Hazbin Hotel?

Hazbin Hotel is an American animation musical television series by Vivienne Medrano.

In addition, it started as a pilot episode released on YouTube in October 2019.

The pilot gained attention for its animation quality and unique storyline, leading to the production of a full TV series. 

Moreover, the spin-off series Helluva Boss was introduced in October 2020.

The first season was initially teased for a summer 2023 release but was delayed due to a strike.

It officially premiered on Amazon Prime Video on January 19, 2024, confirming the pilot’s continuity in the story.

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What Is Hazbin Hotel Hide Away?

Hazbin Hotel’s Hide Away is currently a notable point of discussion and controversy within the online community.

It is a music video and the controversy is primarily due to the associated song, animation, and investment.

The song Hide Away of Hazbin Hotel focuses on the character Charlie Magne.

Moreover, it is accompanied by a music video commissioned by content creator Verbalase.

What has stirred controversy is the reported expenditure of a substantial sum, around $50,000, on creating this animated music video.

The song itself, ‘Hide Away,’ carries explicit content, leading to mixed reactions among viewers.

animated hide away
The animation is high quality due to its high budget.

Hide Away Verbalase AMV

In the music video of Hide Away, there is a scene where Charlie, a character in the series is supposedly chasing Verbalase, the creator.

Verbalase is one of the content creators who is famous for creating the viral Cartoon Beatbox Battle Series.

However, the music video is only 3 minutes long and portrays Charlie assaulting Verbalase.

Also, the setting of the scene of Verbalase from the AMV is a neon-lit city, adding a visually vibrant and dynamic backdrop to the chase.

hide away hazbin hotel
The video has been a topic of discussion in the community.

Moreover, people have mixed reviews of the storyline as it is controversial due to some scenes.

Also, the quality of the animation is really good but people think $50,000 is a lot and many creators would have done it at a lower price.

verbalase charlie hazbin hotel
In the video, Charlie is chasing Verbalase.

There are also rumors that Verbalase commissioned a 15-year-old artist to create this new animated music video.

However, the storyline has led to humorous memes and discussions online with the popularity of the series.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Hazbin Hotel: Hide Away is a controversial music video commissioned by Verbalase for the animated series.

The video, reportedly costing $50,000, features explicit content and has stirred mixed reactions.

Despite the controversy, the series remains a subject of online discussions and memes.

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