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Is ChatGPT A Google Killer? The Future Of AI

ChatGPT has been a great step toward the advancement of technology.

This advancement has brought new and improved methods for efficiently getting things done. 

ChatGPT is an AI redefining the use of the current way of using the internet. However, it may not take over Google’s Search Engine for long.

With similar functions that Google’s Search Engine possesses, ChatGPT is becoming a great contender for Google and its technical prowess.

However, this has also raised a few concerns for the future. Keep reading to find out what these concerns are.

Will ChatGPT Take Over Google’s Consumers?

ChatGPT has made advancements that have raised the concern that it may take all the consumers from Google’s Search Engine.

The concern has consumers making statements such as, “ChatGPT might become the Google Search Engine killer.”

Google has also introduced its own AI, called Bard AI which has the majority of the features similar to ChatGPT.

The development of Google’s AI has consumers speculating that Bard may become the ChatGPT killer instead.

Twitter about Bard AI
Twitter user Dan posts how powerful Bard might be.

Let us discuss more on this topic and try to understand if ChatGPT is a Google Search Engine Killer.

ChatGPT Vs. Google – What Makes Them Similar?

ChatGPT is an AI tool, while the Google Search Engine is not completely reliant on AI. 

Even though they are different, ChatGPT and the Google Search Engine are similar. 

Here are a few features that make them similar; 

  1. Content Search: ChatGPT and the Google Search Engine implement Machine Learning Algorithms in their content Search. They generate logical, applicable content depending on the information the user provides. 
  2. Writing Code: The Google Search Engine and ChatGPT can provide users with various codes catered to their requirements. 
  3. Concept Explanation: ChatGPT and the Google Search Engine can put out information explaining various concepts through related data.

Features Of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has various features and continues to improve as time passes. Let’s look at some noteworthy features of ChatGPT: 

  1. Writing Various Forms Of Content: ChatGPT can write various content for its users, such as books, content, and even songs.
  2. Explaining Various Concepts: ChatGPT can explain very complex topics. Additionally, it could crack exams set by top-level education foundations as well.
  3. Writing Complex Codes: ChatGPT has displayed its ability to write various codes. Even though ChatGPT can write codes, it still has difficulty writing complex codes.
Exam scores by GPT-4
Data Showing the scores obtained by GPT-4

Moreover, GPT-4 is already available for the general public to use.

The team stated, “GPT-4 can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, thanks to its broader general knowledge and problem-solving abilities.”

A few keynotes to mention about the new ChatGPT 4 are as follows:

  • Higher level of creativity
  • Ability to take visual input to provide information
  • Able to handle more than 25000 words for a better, more informative conversation with the users

With the features of ChatGPT being discussed, let us look into some of the key features of the Google Search Engine.

Features Of Google Chrome

Google itself has various features that other companies have used.

Below are a few noteworthy features of the Google Chrome/Google web Search Engine:

  1. Content Search Through Image: Users provide the Search Engine with an image, which the Search Engine processes and provides every information about the given input.
  2. Searching For Various Educational Documents: Users can Search for educational resources from the website called Google Scholar. The website contains paid and free books that allow users to learn.
  3. Coding With Chrome: Users can code using Google’s extension, Coding with Google. The extension provides the users with lines of code to which they make changes.
Continue reading to learn the similarities and differences between ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Is ChatGPT A Google Killer?

ChatGPT can perform nearly every task that the Google Search Engine can do.

While some features may not be as properly implemented as Google’s Search Engine, ChatGPT can still perform them efficiently.

The answer to ChatGPT becoming the Google killer would be a stern No.

Moreover, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Sundar Pichai was asked about Google’s own AI, Bard. Sundar Pichai stated,”The opportunity space if anything, is more significant than before.” 

Google Bard tweet
Sundar Pichai stated that Bard AI can be helpful for everyone.

In the recent Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai Unveiled PaLM 2, which is supposedly the successor of PaLM.

The next-generation large language model is much more advanced than its predecessor. 

Bard AI previously used PaLM, but now Bard AI will be using PaLM 2 to give the users a better experience than before.

Continue reading to learn the differences between Google PaLM Vs. PaLM 2.

The Bottom Line

The current concern on the ChatGPT is warranted. Moreover, Google has decided to put its hand on the AI situation.

However, Google’s Search Engine may not be taken over by ChatGPT for the foreseeable future.

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